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Introduction to tattoo technology

by:Qinmei     2022-08-21

1. Simple pmu tattoo technique

Tattoos vary from person to person, highlight individual designs, and apply gentle techniques and natural colors, so as to beautify the eyebrows, eyes and lips without leaving obvious traces of modification.

1. Embroidered eyebrows

Purpose: To shape eyebrows, improve sparse or scattered eyebrows, and improve the visual effect of face shape by adjusting the shape of eyebrows.

Applicable people: Those with sparse, scattered eyebrows, those with poor eyebrow shape, those with poor eyebrow color, those who have long-term thrush and those who love beauty.

2. Embroidered eyeliner

Purpose: To beautify the shape of the eyes, make them appear slender and smooth, with thick eyelashes and bright pupils.

Applicable people: sparse eyebrows, or unnatural double eyelid surgery; or long-term eyeliner.

3. Embroidered lips

Purpose: Soften the lip shape, improve the lip color, the visual effect sets off the complexion, and beautifies the temperament of the face.

Applicable people: The lip shape is too thin or too thick, the edge of the lip is unclear, the ratio of the upper and lower lips is unbalanced; or the lip color is unhealthy.

2. Modify eyebrow embroidery

Customers who have done eyebrow tattooing, eyeliner tattooing or lip liner before, over time, some color becomes abnormal, and some shape is outdated, and some customers repeat eyebrow tattooing, eyebrow washing/brow cutting, resulting in residual pigment and scarring. These situations belong to the scope of modifying tattoos.

1. Embroidery eyeliner

Applicable people: Those who have previously tattooed blue-black eyeliner with exaggerated or unsmooth shape; those who have developed 'panda eyes'. Or the eyeliner is first tattooed, and a few years later, double eyelid or eye bag removal surgery is performed, and the blue eyeliner is everted.

Objective: To improve the shape of the scattered, thick and dirty eyeliner, pay attention to the beautiful line at the root of the eyelashes, and make up for the eversion of the eyelid margin after eye bags.

2. Embroidered lips

Applicable people: Those with unnatural lip line color and rigid and exaggerated lip shape.

Purpose: Improve lip color and soften lip shape.

3. Embroidered eyebrows

Applicable people: blue eyebrows, red eyebrows, too high or too low eyebrows; stiff and exaggerated eyebrows.

Purpose: To improve eyebrow shape and color by choosing wash or embroidery

3. Embroidery of compound surgery

and embroidery can complement each other with other surgeries, make up for the unnaturalness of the recovery period of the surgery, and beautify the long-term effect of the surgery.

1. Compound eyebrow cutting and embroidery

For those with loose eye shape or bad eyebrows that cannot be cleaned by washing the eyebrows, lifting the corners of the eyes and embroidering the eyebrows can be done at the same time to improve the sagging of the eyebrows and eyes.

2. Compound cut lip and embroidered lip

If the lip is too thick or asymmetrical, and the upper lip is straight without lip beads, a lip incision surgery can be combined to create a beautiful lip shape with slightly raised lip corners.

3. Compound eye bag removal embroidery eyeliner

Completed at the same time as eye bag surgery, it can beautify the root of eyelashes and prevent ectropion.

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