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Is it harmful to do semi-permanent eyebrow makeup?

by:Qinmei     2022-05-08

With the development and progress of the times, more and more friends prefer to be healthy and natural. Without makeup is a stalk in the hearts of many women. There are not many people who can be called makeup without makeup. Makeup has become an important means of creating beauty. Law. People with excellent makeup skills are always worried about applying makeup and removing makeup to return to their original shape.

A beauty-loving MM loves makeup, especially eyebrow makeup, which is a top priority. Many people choose to make eyebrows, but the phenomenon of dizziness, bluing and discoloration of traditional tattoos has seriously affected the public's aesthetics and daily life.

Korean-style semi-permanent eyebrows came into being. Different from traditional eyebrow tattooing and embroidery, it is an advanced makeup setting technology. As soon as it was launched, it was loved by the majority of beauty lovers. Of course, because eyebrow tattoos have had a far-reaching impact on customers, so while semi-permanent eyebrows are popular, everyone is naturally concerned about whether semi-permanent eyebrows will damage their own eyebrows.

In order to know whether semi-permanent eyebrows will damage the eyebrows, it is important to understand the structure of the skin tissue.

The above image is a simple skin construction diagram. From the figure we can know that the skin has three layers, namely the epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous tissue.

Because the eyebrow shape can show a person's personality, temperament, and accomplishment, before doing semi-permanent eyebrow makeup, you must carefully design and choose a good eyebrow shape according to the patient's face shape, age, occupation and other characteristics, and use it. The eyebrow pencil draws the eyebrow shape to the patient's satisfaction. However, due to the difficulty of washing off semi-permanent eyebrows, many people are also worried that semi-permanent eyebrows are harmful, so they are hesitant to use semi-permanent eyebrows.

In fact, any eyebrow plastic surgery will have risks, but knowing them and choosing a professional tattoo artist, the harm of semi-permanent eyebrow makeup can still be avoided. The traditional eyebrow tattoo is to pierce the needle vertically on the skin, which is very painful and may loosen the skin around the eyelid, which is prone to wrinkles and droopy eyelid. Because the number of needles pierced each time is limited, the coloring time is longer.

If the skin is pierced by mistake, the pigment is brought into the deep layer by mistake and mixed with the subcutaneous yellow pigment gene, it will turn blue and blue, and it is difficult to remedy. In addition, because the traditional eyebrow tattoo is to embroider the entire eyebrow with multiple single points, the effect will be relatively stiff. The semi-permanent eyebrow setting has more points each time, which can cause a smooth and natural effect.

Semi-permanent eyebrow setting is an operation on the surface of the skin and will not harm other tissues. Generally, the skin is only red and swollen after the operation, and the redness and swelling disappear after two or three days. Therefore, semi-permanent eyebrow makeup is essentially a traumatic skin coloring technique. It is to plant and dye the pigment in the skin tissue with a tattoo device to form a new eyebrow shape and eyeliner that does not fade for a long time. However, as long as you choose a professional tattoo artist, you can fully understand the common sense of semi-permanent eyebrow makeup before accepting the surgery and take care of it afterwards. Generally speaking, it is not harmful.

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