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Korean semi-permanent: If you want to do a good tattoo, these four points are essential!

by:Qinmei     2023-05-12

1. Eyebrow design

Whether the tattooed eyebrows are ideal or not depends on the design of the eyebrows. If the eyebrows are not designed according to the characteristics of the customer's own eyebrows and the shape of the eyebrow arch, the original eyebrows will be pulled out, and a new eyebrow will be tattooed out of the eyebrow arch. move. At the same time, the two black lines tattooed on the smooth skin apart from the original eyebrows naturally do not have any 'three-dimensional effect', so it becomes two stiff and unnatural eyebrows, and when pulled out After the eyebrows grow back, they become 'four' eyebrows. Another situation is that the two sides of the eyebrow design are asymmetrical due to the influence of the customer's seat, the light source, and the asymmetry of the eyebrow arch itself, such as one high and one low, one long and one short, one wide and one narrow, and one straight and one curved , Of course, the eyebrows tattooed in this way cannot be symmetrical.

2. The color used for tattooing eyebrows

The color used for eyebrow tattooing is also very important. The pigments used for eyebrow tattooing include shades of brown, gray, black, brown, etc., and should be selected according to the color of hair and skin. Asian hair color often have several colors mixed, it is a little dark gray and a little dark brown. Therefore, the color of eyebrow tattoo liquid should be suitable for each person. For those with black hair and dark skin, add one or two drops of black to natural gray; for yellowish hair and white skin, add one or two drops of brown to natural gray. In the experiments, many beauticians only tattooed their eyebrows in a single dark gray or black, so that the tattooed eyebrows would be unreal and unnatural, making the eyebrows look dull and distorted.

3. The technique of tattooing is appropriate in weight and shade

The eyebrow tattoo should follow the direction of eyebrow growth, master the depth, density and technique well. The color of the eyebrow head and eyebrow tail should be slightly lighter and the density slightly sparse, while the color of the eyebrow waist should be heavier and denser, which means that the shade of the eyebrow tattoo is appropriate. If the brow lines are dark and dense, the entire eyebrow will appear stiff and dull. At the same time, pay attention to the natural connection of the transition of shades. If the line between shades and shades is too obvious, the eyebrows will be distorted. When tattooing eyebrows, the technique should not be too deep or too dense. If the tattoo is too deep and penetrates the skin deeper than the dermis, the pigment will be swallowed by pigment cells and turn blue.

4. The choice of color material quality should be grasped

To get good-looking eyebrows, in addition to paying attention to the design of eyebrows, you should also master the contraindications of eyebrow tattooing. Eyebrow tattoos are not suitable for people who grow on the arch of the eyebrow, or those who move the arch up and down too frequently.

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