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Korean semi-permanent makeup eyebrow design

by:Qinmei     2022-04-14

Abstract: The highest point of the eyebrows is based on the vertical extension line outside the black eyeball when both eyes are looking straight ahead. It can be adjusted between the outside of the black eyeball and the outer corner of the eye according to different face shapes. Observe the good eyebrow shape It is not difficult to find that the eyebrows of the eyebrows grow from the bottom to the top and are feathery, the eyebrows on the waist of the eyebrows grow obliquely downward from the upper edge, the upper edge grows obliquely upwards, and the eyebrows at the end of the eyebrows grow obliquely downward. The Korean-style semi-permanent makeup technique, which is increasingly emerging in the makeup industry, uses the concept of tattoos to add makeup techniques and concepts, and designs natural effects that can be presented by similar makeup techniques. It is widely sought after by celebrities and beauty lovers. Now many female friends follow the trend and do half-fixed Korean-style eyebrow makeup, trimming their eyebrows as straight as a horizontal line, but in fact thick and flat one-line eyebrows are not suitable for everyone, only the right eyebrow shape that matches the face shape is selected. , the makeup will be good-looking and colorful. The shaping of eyebrows can not only change a person's temperament and aura, but also make people look younger. Eyebrows are the frame of the eyes, and having a good brow shape can make your face look three-dimensional even without makeup. Therefore, as a designer of Korean makeup eyebrows, you must understand the proportions of the face and the overall image design, although semi-permanent makeup eyebrows are different from permanent tattooed eyebrows. But it will also last for two to three years on the face, so as semi-permanent makeup artists, you must have a sense of responsibility, find regular institutions and teachers to learn, be responsible for the beauty and safety of customers, and earn money with conscience . Next, I will tell you about the main points of making Korean eyebrow makeup. The most important thing is to design according to the facial proportion of the guest's face shape, and secondly, consider the guest's temperament, hair color, pupil color, etc... Comprehensive Various factors can be used to design the eyebrow shape in order to create a Korean semi-permanent makeup eyebrow that customers are satisfied with. I will explain it in detail below. Design requirements for eyebrow shape Brow: Located just above the inner corner of the eye, on the extension line between the edge of the nose and the inner corner of the eye, the distance between the left and right eyebrows is the length of one eye. The brows are relatively sparse and light in color, so they should be drawn slightly thicker. If there are slight changes in the depth of the brows, it will be more vivid. Eyebrow Waist: Just above the vertical extension line of the pupil, it determines the distance between the brow and the brow peak. The eyebrows are thicker and darker at the brow waist. The eyebrow peak: the highest point of the eyebrow, which is based on the vertical extension line outside the black eyeball when both eyes are looking straight ahead. It can be adjusted between the outside of the black eyeball and the outer corner of the eye according to different face shapes. Brow tip: Slightly inclined downward, the end of the eyebrow should be on the same parallel line as the brow, slightly higher than the brow, and the end of the brow should be on the same side of the nose and the extension line of the corner of the eye. Observe the hair color, eye color and skin color, and then operate. If the hair color is dark, the color of the cream should not be too light. Light-colored eyebrows will make people look unmotivated. It is best to use and hair color. Consistent color cream. If your skin is darker, you should choose a darker color cream, such as dark coffee or earthy gray; if you have a fair complexion, choose a light color cream, such as light coffee or light brown, so that the eyebrows made by the color selection will not be too obtrusive. It makes you feel comfortable. Similarly, if the eye color is too dark, the eyebrow color should not be too light, and if the eye color is light, the eyebrow color should not be too dark. The key point of eyebrow design is to observe the growth direction of the eyebrows of a good eyebrow shape. It is not difficult to find that the eyebrows of the eyebrows grow from the bottom to the top and are feathery. The eyebrows are slanted downward. Specifically, the following three points should be paid special attention to when designing eyebrows: ① First, make the position of the eyebrow waist, the line of the eyebrow waist will change the eyebrow shape, and draw it obliquely from the eyebrow waist upward and outward, and in the place with natural eyebrows coloring. If you want to design flat eyebrows, you should pay attention to the filling of the lower edge of the eyebrow waist. ② Next, draw from bottom to top at the brow, paying attention to the smoothness and direction of the lines, which should be feather-like. ③Beautiful eyebrows live in the eyebrows, and the spirit is in the eyebrows waist. The connection between the eyebrows and the eyebrows depends entirely on whether the lines of the eyebrows and waists are smooth or not. The eyebrows belong to the first of the five senses, and have a very important proportion on the human body's five senses. They play the role of supporting the top and the bottom. The eyebrows are above the eyes and horizontally located at the junction of the face and the forehead. They are one of the important structures of the face. The shape and activity of the eyebrows play a pivotal role in the face shape. Aesthetic experts use the golden ratio to divide the proportion of human facial features, and use 'three courts and five eyes' as the decoration standard to determine the standard eyebrows, eyes, lips and proportions. Position. Each part of the eyebrow receives different light, so it will produce different light and shade. The upper edge of the eyebrow receives light well, and it is lighter; Generally speaking, the two ends are empty, the middle is solid, the upper part is empty, and the lower part is solid. When doing semi-permanent makeup eyebrows, the eyebrows should be drawn realistically and vividly according to the natural growth law of the eyebrows and changes in light and shade. Do not draw rigid outlines. Makes eyebrows lose their realism.

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