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makeup steps

by:Qinmei     2023-05-11

makeup steps

1. After washing the face, apply skin care products, such as ointment, cream, milk, honey, etc., mainly for skin care.
2. When applying foundation, the foundation should be applied according to the shape of the person's face. When applying foundation on a square face, do not apply it to the jawbones on both sides, which keeps the egg-shaped face.
3. When applying foundation, do not apply it on the eyebrows or eyelids, because black eyebrows will appear 'hoarfrost' after applying foundation, which is unsightly and unnatural.
4. When rubbing face powder. After applying the foundation, set the makeup with face powder. Do not apply the powder too thickly. People with dark skin should not use it.
5. Apply eyeshadow and eyeliner.
6. When drawing the eyeliner, use the eyeliner to draw close to the eyelashes. The upper eyeliner can be heavier, and the lower eyeliner should not be too thick or heavy.
The function of the foundation is to even out the skin tone of the face, so choose a color that is close to your own skin tone, and pay attention to the connection between the face and the neck. Another method is to choose a foundation that is the same color as the neck, so that there will be no mask face.
For normal makeup, you can use liquid foundation. You can choose oily or non-oily ones according to your facial conditions. Try not to use creamy foundations. Some people have pimples on their face, and they think it can be covered with a creamy foundation. If it is a very flat pimple, a liquid foundation with a strong covering power can cover it. If it is a prominent pimple or unevenness Acne marks, the thicker the foundation, the more obvious (the eyebrows should be trimmed before applying the foundation).
Over time, most people use a BB cream to achieve good coverage. BB cream works well and almost replaces liquid foundation, but some people still choose to use liquid foundation.
Because it is daily makeup, the general eyebrow brush is used to modify the eyebrows. Use an eyebrow powder that is one size lighter than the eyebrow color, and use an eyebrow brush to brush it from the brow head to the end of the brow. It is only allowed to draw lightly according to the original brow shape, without deliberate modification, and the color of the eyebrows can be coordinated with the hair color. (If you don't have eyebrow powder, you can use eye shadow powder instead, but you can't use pearlescent ones, use matte)
Tips: People with too sparse eyebrows can use mascara to achieve a plump and natural effect, but remember not to use too much mascara. When brushing, just a little bit of mascara on the eyelash brush to grow along the eyelashes Swipe past in the direction. Remember to choose the right color. If you have a fair complexion, you can choose brown mascara.
Eye makeup emphasizes eyeshadow and eyeliner. Use a brush to sweep the eye shadow powder, so that the eye shadows of different colors can be applied more evenly. Then, apply on the inside of the eyeliner
eye makeup
eye makeup
Darker eye shadow to bring out the lines of the nose, which is a common technique for our oriental faces. Draw with a black eyeliner, use 2/3 of the upper eyeliner and 1/3 of the lower eyeliner, and then use a cotton swab or a small eyeshadow brush to gently smudge, the effect looks more natural; if the eyelashes are thick, you can omit the eyeliner , just sweep some eyeliner at the end of the eye.
Clear eyes need slender eyelashes to make the eyes look more charming. Of course, you must use mascara. Prepare two eyelashes of different sizes
folder. First use a large eyelash curler to curl the entire eyelashes, and then use a small eyelash curler to curl the eyelashes that are not easy to reach at the corners of the eyes.
First, use the white paste to brush in a Z-shape to create an encryption effect one by one, and then brush the head of the eyelashes to lengthen them. Wait for the white paste to dry for a while, and then use the black paste to brush the Z-shape from top to bottom.
Tips: When curling the eyelashes, you can use a hair dryer to heat the eyelash curler first, and then the eyelashes will be more curled and last longer. Another method is to use a wooden cotton stick to burn the wooden stick part with a lighter, and prop it up under the eyelashes Stay for a while, there will be an effect similar to electric eyelashes.
the cheek
Applying blush can make the entire face look soft and natural, and it can also make the cheekbones stand out. Then use the same color cheek
Swipe the red on the temple area to make the facial color appear harmonious. Apply blush with the cheek as the half toward the ear, which looks natural and generous; use the cheek as the radius to sweep the blush round, which looks cute and moving.
simple steps
Many people feel that they can't learn how to make up, and feel that it is very troublesome. The following tutorial demonstration can also solve these problems.

1. First of all, we need to do a good job of priming, cleansing the face, followed by toner and lotion, and then applying isolation or foundation. Of course, if the foundation has the effect of isolation, it will save more time for our makeup.
2. If you usually go to work or go to school, you don't realize that you need to wear heavy makeup. For the position of eyeliner, if it is the inner double eyelid, deepen the inner eyeliner, and then thicken the thickness of the eyeliner at the end of the eye.
3. Then apply a pair of false eyelashes. The eyelashes need to match your eye shape. Be patient when applying eyelashes.
4. Then use light brown eye shadow to smear the entire eye socket, and then use dark brown eye shadow to deepen the position of the end of the eye, which can play a role in big eyes.
5. Finally, apply a matte blush on the apple muscles, which will make people look refreshed all day long. Women can be slightly more, men should be less.

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