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makeup tips

by:Qinmei     2023-05-11
Makeup should be familiar with the basic structure and shape of the face
Makeup and head bone structure
Through the understanding of the physiological structure of the head, understand the relationship between the head structure and makeup; accurately grasp the specific effect of the concave-convex principle of the facial bone structure on makeup, and lay a good foundation for learning makeup techniques.
Makeup and Facial Muscle Structure
Through understanding the physiological structure of facial muscles, understand the relationship between muscle structure and makeup; learn how to use facial muscle structure to express the feeling of fat and bloated, and accurately grasp the specific effects of facial concave-convex structure and physiological muscle structure on makeup. Learn makeup techniques to lay a good foundation.
Makeup and Facial Features Ratio Standard
Understand the relationship between overall proportions and local proportions; clearly understand each proportion; accurately grasp the relationship and proportion between the five sense organs and the face.
1. Skin-friendly foundation
A close-to-skin foundation can make an excellent make-up more perfect. The method is very simple. You just need to put the slightly damp makeup sponge in the refrigerator. Skin feels refreshed and make-up looks fresh.
2. Cooling eye drops
Drinking alcohol or lack of sleep can make your eyes look tired and bloodshot. You can drop one or two drops of eye drops that can relieve fatigue, so that the condition of eye capillary congestion and rupture can be relieved, but the more eye drops the better, too much may cause adverse effects.
3. Brow powder that works
If you always feel that the hand holding the eyebrow pencil is not in control, you can't draw satisfactory eyebrows. Try something new: paint your arms with an eyebrow pencil
Nansheng Republic of China makeup
Nansheng Republic of China makeup
Color, use the eyebrow brush to dip in the color, and evenly sweep it on the eyebrows, you will be pleasantly surprised to get a more natural and soft makeup effect.
4. Cold towel
Red, swollen eyes and bulging bags under the eyes make you look listless. Don’t panic, apply cold towels and hot towels on your eyes alternately for more than 10 minutes, and then apply ice towels for a while, and your tired eyes will recover.
5. Place a small mirror flat on the table
Drawing detailed eyeliner may be a big problem for you, but it is not difficult. What you have to do is put your elbows on a fixed place, such as your dressing table, and place a small mirror on the table, so that your eyes are facing down Look in the mirror and paint your eyeliner with confidence.
6. White eyeliner
Eyes are the window to the soul. Big and bright eyes often leave a deep impression on people. You can try to use white eyeliner to draw the lower eyeliner to make the eyes look bigger and more energetic.
7. Mist Moisturizer
After makeup, spray moisturizing water on the face from the distance of an arm's length from the face, so that the makeup can last longer.
1. Appropriately dip a little lotion on the brush, which will help the liquid foundation adhere to the face more evenly and closely.
To achieve a uniform and transparent effect on the base makeup, liquid foundation that is easy to apply is the first choice. If you use a foundation brush instead of the traditional hand or puff to apply makeup, the liquid foundation will be easier to evenly and tightly adhere to the face.
2. Be careful with the tip of the nose and the wings of the nose where the makeup is easily damaged.
Use your finger to apply some liquid foundation to one side of the brush, then use that side to spread from the inside out on one side of the face, sweeping with the unpowdered side to spread the powder evenly. The makeup on the nose area is easy to be damaged. In fact, you only need to apply the remaining liquid foundation on the brush after applying the face to the nose. The key to not ruining your makeup is not to apply too much or too thickly.
3. The forehead should be applied radially, and the small parts should be spread with the tip of a brush.
Reapply some foundation, spread it over the other cheek and nose, then apply some to the forehead. When smearing the forehead, pay attention to starting from the eyebrows, and spread it radially from the eyebrows to the hairline from the inside out, and spread evenly. Finally, lightly brush from top to bottom on the bridge of the nose to spread the liquid foundation evenly. It should be noted that the places where moisturizing lotion is likely to remain, such as the nose, under the eyes and around the lips, need to be gently spread with the tip of a brush, otherwise there will be condensed color blocks.
4. Improve the fit between the liquid foundation and the skin, and the sponge can prevent the foundation from being damaged.
Use a foundation brush to spread the liquid foundation evenly, then use a sponge to gently press on the face to rub it evenly and eliminate the traces of the brush. This is an important step in creating a natural base and should not be ignored. By gently pressing, the liquid foundation and the facial skin are highly adherent, further preventing the makeup from being damaged, and the makeup effect is more durable. In addition, use the corner of the sponge to make small adjustments to the places on the sides of the nose where powder tends to accumulate. You must know that the principle of creating a textured base makeup is not just to apply it all the time, but to eliminate uneven marks after application, so that all parts can be fully integrated.
5. Finely apply concealer to eliminate shadows under the eyes.
Anyone who has ever put on makeup knows that the under-eye area is prone to dullness over time, so it is necessary to use a concealer to completely eliminate this dark shadow when applying base makeup. For concealers under the active eyes, it is best to choose a product that stretches well and adheres to the skin closely. Start with a few strokes of concealer on the area between the eyes and cheekbones, then use your fingers to gently spread and blend it evenly. Brightening this triangle is the key to an even glow across the skin.
6. Apply a thin layer of base makeup on the upper eyelids.
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