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Manual fog eyebrow operation method, correct operation steps

by:Qinmei     2022-11-29

Foggy eyebrows, as a must-learn skill for tattoo embroiderers, are easy to learn but difficult to refine. In addition to the problem of coloring and color retention, the visual sense of rigid and sluggish color blocks with zero difference is undoubtedly the most troublesome thing for tattooists. Let's share a simpler way to 'live' your foggy eyebrow color blocks.

Manual fog eyebrow operation steps

For manual mist eyebrows, use round needles to puncture the virtual frame; for machine mist eyebrows, use a single needle to walk along the eyebrow frame. The border pricking should not be too dense, especially on the brow area. Go down the border first and dot the color vertically.

Note 1

The spacing is about 1 mm. Determine the eyebrow shape to avoid asymmetry problems.

Dip in the color cream while operating, and the color will be more solid in the later stage. On the basis of the designed eyebrow shape, follow the principle of 'from bottom to top, light on the head and heavy on the tail', and preliminarily determine the prototype of the eyebrow. Sweep from the end of the eyebrows forward, the more forward the pricking becomes, the more sparse it is, completing the natural transition of the first step.

Note 2

Slightly stretch the skin.

Slightly bring the brows together until there is a foggy feeling. The force is light and the action is slow to avoid heavy scab caused by bleeding. The foggy eyebrows with natural transition must contain three major color block areas: heavy color area, sub-heavy color area and light color area. When supplementing the color for the second time, you can use a dark color cream to repeat 1 time on the brow bone. Browbones are properly strengthened by pricking density and dark creams.

For the last coloring, in addition to checking for omissions and filling in gaps, the overall color will be fuller. At the same time, the use of needles should be controlled at the brows, so that the eyebrows with fullness and falsehood will have more soul, especially pay attention to whether the brows and the lower edge are colored. Also check the border color. Prick in the blank area to ensure that the eyebrows on both sides are relatively symmetrical.

In addition to the above practical techniques, the scientific combination of dark and light creams is also the key to the ideal coloring of misty eyebrows; the misty eyebrows produced in this way look really expensive.

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