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Master these eyeliner skills, and the tattoo rookie will be advanced in an instant

by:Qinmei     2022-05-03

Today, the Korean semi-permanent tattoo artist of ARTISTRY is going to show her true skills to deliver dry goods to you, to solve the eyeliner that you always draw badly!

Master these skills and you will fall in love with eyeliner NO.1: Choose different eyeliners for different eye shapes

Eyeliners vary in length and shape, and what kind of products are used to Painting, it will show a completely different makeup effect. From the most basic 5mm eyeliner, 1cm sexy cat eyeliner, to 1.5cm retro eyeliner, etc. Just a little difference in the eyeliner can make the makeup look completely different. Now let's see how different eyeliner lengths will affect the makeup look!

NO.2: Look at the final effect of 3 kinds of eyeliners first

---Basic eyeliner---1. This is how to draw the eyebrows carefully before drawing the eyeliner .

2. Start drawing basic eyeliner first. Use an eyeliner brush to take a brown eyeliner and apply it to the eyelid carefully. Use the little finger of the other hand to slightly lift the eye socket, it will be easier to draw. 3. Now trace the eyeliner along the line where the lashes grow on the eyelid. To fill up the eyelashes one by one, the 1cm in front of the eye is the easiest place to be neglected. Use the little finger of the other hand to lift the eye socket slightly, and you can see the neglected place. In order to create a distinct visual sense, this area must be carefully filled. 4. Gently pull with the other finger to flatten the end of the eye. Afterwards, hold your fingers slightly and pull to the outside of your face (in the direction of the blue arrow). Now use brown eyeliner glue to draw a 3-4mm thick line along the root of the eyelashes in a Z-shape to connect the entire eyeliner.

When drawing the eyeliner, because of the relationship between the eyelashes, you may feel that the card is not smooth. At this time, the hand holding the eyeliner brush should use some force to resist the resistance of the eyelashes. After drawing the eyeliner, you can use the ring finger to end it slightly, which can make the sharp eyeliner appear more natural and soft.

5. Same as step 4, draw the end of the eye in a flat state. This is a basic eyeliner suitable for all make-up. It can be naturally stretched back about 3-5mm from the end of the eye.

6. Now, the 5mm basic eyeliner that suits you and feels natural and concise is complete. ---Cat eyeliner---7. Now how about switching to a sexy style? First flatten the end of the eye, and then lengthen the end of the eye. Draw from the starting point of the end of the eye (green point) in step 6 and follow the direction to the farther place (yellow point). If the basic eyeliner is drawn from the top of the eye to the bottom, then this eyeliner is drawn up along the arc moving line under the eye, and it can be drawn as if there is an extension line. It is about 5mm longer than the basic eyeliner.

8. After the fingers flatten the end of the eye, connect the basic eyeliner to the end of the eye that has just been elongated. Just draw a straight line along the middle of the eyeliner from the position where you just pulled out the end of the eye. Because drawing carefully and slowly will make the drawing crooked, so it is better to draw it quickly with one stroke.

9. The sexy cat eye liner with a slightly raised tail has been completed, just pull out 5mm more, it feels completely different, right?

---Vintage eyeliner---10. Use your fingers to flatten the end of the eye, and pull up 5mm from the end of step 9 (yellow dot). The same is the moving line along the arc below the eyes.

11. Connect the drawn end of the eye with the basic eyeliner. The difference from step 8 is that in order to retain the pointy feeling of the end of the eye, it is necessary to start the connection 5mm forward from the end of the eye.

The longer the end of the eye is drawn, the more difficult it will be to connect with the basic eyeliner. Sometimes the line is distorted due to the fold of the double eyelid, and even the eyeliner is too thick and looks a little arrogant. It must be remembered that if you want to draw a natural and three-dimensional cat eyeliner, the starting point of pulling the end of the eye is very important.

12. Although it can be finished in step 11, it is a good idea to maximize the retro style! Draw again below the end of the eye that has just been elongated, that is, the part marked by the red line in the picture, as long as it is drawn straight and angled, so that the eyeliner feels like it is cut off at the end of the eye. 13. The rather long and present eyeliner is done. This eyeliner has a strong and classic feel and is perfect for retro makeup.

Tips for each step: 1. If you don't want to make the end of your eye longer and want to draw a short one, don't paint cat eye makeup, otherwise it will look weird. 2. When you want to draw out about 0.8 to 1cm of the end of your eyes, cat eye makeup that rises naturally is most suitable. 3. Please remember to move the brush from the end of the eye to the pupil to draw a natural eyeliner.

Also pay attention to these: 1. When drawing eyeliner with eyeliner, do not hold it upright, but lay the pen flat. Natural relaxation force can draw soft eyeliner. 2. If you want to give people a mild feeling, use black eyeliner for the eyelid and brown eyeliner for the root of the eyelashes. 3. If you have a rising eye shape, it is recommended to thicken the eyeliner at the head of the eye, and pull down the end of the eye slightly to be parallel to the head of the eye or slightly lower to create a pure feeling.

Have you gotten it yet? The tutorial looks simple, but the operation is difficult. But as long as you persevere, you will surely succeed! Come on!

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