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Mastering these points of line eyebrow operation is enough to confuse the fake with the real

by:Qinmei     2022-11-29

Line eyebrows are also called artificial eyebrows, because the effect is one by one, distinct layers, clear fluff, smooth lines, and strong three-dimensional effect, just like our own real eyebrows. In order to complete high-quality line eyebrows, in addition to years of accumulated experience, more importantly, it is necessary to master some technical difficulties and skills in the operation of line eyebrows, in order to complete this tattoo project with the highest technical content in the tattoo industry. .

Today, I have listed the five major points of dry goods knowledge needed to operate line eyebrows for everyone. I hope it will be helpful to friends who need to improve their tattoo skills!

The thickness of the color milk

How to choose the color material for eyebrow line operation? What kind of consistency is ideal? Note that if the color material is too thick and dry, the lines produced are prone to breakpoints. If the color material is too thin, the color material will not hang on the needle, which will cause difficulty color. Therefore, the choice of color material is also a prerequisite for the completion of high-quality line eyebrows. Although there is no way to quantify the specific thickness of the coloring material with a standard, but pay attention to the fact that the needle can be hung steadily and will not drip when operating, but it does not look very dry.

Pay attention to the angle of the needle

When operating line eyebrows, you must ensure that the needle is vertical! Vertical needle insertion can ensure that the color material is fully implanted, and it can also ensure the slenderness and radian of the line. In general, the more inclined the needle is, the harder it is to grasp the depth of the needle, and the thicker the line will be, especially when it is in an arc.

Pay attention to the number of repetitions

For the same line, it is difficult to ensure that the coloring is full after only one operation, and it is generally necessary to repeat and overlap the operation once. And, each operation should be stained with a coloring material. It is recommended to control the number of operations for each line to 2. The more the number of operations, the harder it is to ensure the overlap of the lines, and the thicker the lines will become.

Pay attention to the details of the coloring material

Dry the needle piece before dipping in the coloring material, and wipe off the skin before placing the needle. The roots of the line eyebrows are distinct, which is very important to the details of the tattoo artist's operation. The tattoo artist should pay attention to prepare a piece of small square cotton, one side is used to wipe the needle, and the other side is used to wipe the skin. These two small actions must make it a habit, otherwise the seeping tissue fluid (blood and lymph) will dilute your pigments in a mess. If the bleeding is severe, it is best to stop the bleeding before continuing. But then again, as long as the skin damage is not large, normal skin seldom oozes blood.

Complete the coloring in time

Generally, the left eyebrow needs to be colored after the line operation is done. Then go to the right side, and apply color after the right side is done. Then go back and check the eyebrows made on the left, wipe off the coloring and gently remove the lines to observe the coloring. If every line can be opened and full color milk can be seen, basically there is no problem with coloring in this case. Details determine success or failure, especially for this kind of work that requires superb skills, it is necessary to grasp every point in the process

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