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Methods to prevent deformation of eyebrow shape and eyebrow frame Skills to solve thrush out of shape

by:Qinmei     2022-11-18

Novice tattoo artists often encounter out-of-shape eyebrows in the process of tattooing eyebrows. Due to lack of correct methods and lack of experience, it is easy for eyebrows to become crooked and eyebrows to disappear. The following editor will bring you a method to prevent the deformation of the eyebrow frame - the three-point positioning thrush method.

Three-point positioning thrush method Brow:

Match the nose wing with the inner corner of the eye to determine the brow.

Mei Feng:

Look straight ahead, look at the extension line between the nose wing and the outer eyeball, and find the eyebrow peak.

The end of eyebrows:

On the extension line between the nose wing and the outer corner of the eye, find the end of the eyebrow.

The eyebrow frame is erased

The usual procedure is to draw the eyebrow shape first when manipulating the eyebrows. Then apply the soothing agent. When the soothing agent is wiped off, the original eyebrow shape is also wiped off. For tattooists who rely on eyebrow shape to find a sense of direction, this is a very painful thing. Have you ever experienced it?

The eyebrow frame is invisible

After applying the soothing agent and wiping it off, there was still a bit of fuzzy eyebrow shape. But when operating, when applying coloring material, the eyebrow shape is erased, or covered and invisible. As a result, it is possible to make the eyebrow shape crooked or biased.

The eyebrow frame can't be wiped off

Some tattoo artists use marker pens to position the eyebrows. As a result, after finishing the eyebrows, the traces of the marker pen are still there and cannot be erased. Looking at where is the obvious frame, it is very ugly. Some marker pens even smudge into the skin and take a long time to remove, which has caused a certain aesthetic impact on customers.

In response to the questions raised by the tattoo artist friends, now I will introduce a relatively stable, safe and convenient method of fixing eyebrow shape and eyebrow frame:

Specific operation method

Tool: Diagonal needle row (14, 17, 21 needles can be selected).

Pigment: the lightest color, such as light brown.

Operation: manual pen, pricking operation.

Method description:

Use the needle sheet to dip the lightest color (light coffee), dip a little bit, and then gently prick the edge of the brow frame to pick out the brow frame.


select colorant

Be sure to choose the lightest color, otherwise the eyebrow frame will be too obvious.


The technique must be slight, and only traces of the frame can be vaguely seen.

Pick out the key points

Do not pick the entire brow frame completely, but pick sparsely on the frame. For example, pick out several important points (brow head, eyebrow peak, eyebrow tail, eyebrow center, eyebrow waist).

After understanding these operation steps and techniques, friends tattoo artists will have one less trouble, and it will be right if it is less!

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