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Must-haves for tattoo artists, four practical tips for tattooing

by:Qinmei     2022-08-21

The growth path of an embroiderer is endless, and the basic knowledge is too advanced. The growth of an embroiderer is all the accumulation of skills. In order to make your eyebrows more delicate and beautiful, today, Teacher Ding has sorted them out. Come out four practical tips to share with you.

The amount of pigment dipped in

Many embroiderers worry that the lack of pigment will affect the coloring during operation. A lot of pigment is pasted on the needle piece. In fact, it is really unnecessary. When we are actually operating, the needle piece is at a certain angle to hold the color material Swipe lightly in the ring cup, as long as there is color material in the seam of the needle tip, if you dip too much, you can swipe in the blank area to remove the excess, and repeat this operation after two or three times of acupuncture. The material should be dipped frequently and sparingly.

There is not too much pigment on the needle piece, we can accurately complete the operation when making lines, and make tight and fine lines.

Clean the needle blade before dipping in the pigment

Before the needle is placed, clean the area to be operated, prepare a small square cotton, use one side to wipe the needle blade and the other to wipe the skin, these two small movements must be habitual; Whether it is the tissue fluid entrained on the needle piece or the tissue fluid remaining on the skin, it needs to be wiped clean, so it will not affect the operation.

Empty needle fixed eyebrow

We often encounter such a situation when tattooing eyebrows. Obviously, we designed a pair of very symmetrical and coordinated eyebrows, and the customer was very satisfied, but after the operation, it changed. Later, the customer felt that something was wrong and asked for a symmetrical adjustment.

Because the eyebrows are already full and there is no room for adjustment, it must be wrong to widen the eyebrows rashly.

In fact, the front and back changes of the eyebrow shape mainly come from the position of the eyebrow peak and the center of the eyebrow. If a line is not arranged in place, it can cause visual changes. Therefore, when these two positions are excessive, you should pay special attention. If you are not sure, mark them with marks. Bar.

We can use the needle piece to gently walk the eyebrow frame, focusing on two easy-to-mistake positions, and it is enough to break the skin without dipping in the colorant.

Slightly stretch the skin when the needle is placed

This may not be considered a skill. Even if beginners don’t know it now, they will gradually understand it after the pmu tattoo artist grows up. Here we need to pay attention:

Use your fingers to spread the two fingers slightly apart, instead of 'peeling' with one finger, 'peeling' the skin with one finger will only cause the skin to extend in one direction. In this case, insert the needle and wait for the skin to retract. After that, our original vertical needle insertion will become inclined due to the extension of the skin.

Even if the 'support' technique is used, the force should not be too large, otherwise the skin will become thinner, and the skin will be torn after the needle is inserted, causing unnecessary skin lesions, which will lead to more unpredictable negative effects and influences.

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