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On the Embroiderer's Management of Market Space

by:Qinmei     2022-04-15

The starting point of the argument:

Zhou Xingchi, an embroidery business consultant, in the live broadcast of Yingke, many strangers without names blurted out and asked: Mr. Zhou, what do you think about the business status of future tattoo artists ?

The main force in the tattoo industry is the tattoo artist. Regarding the status of the tattoo artist's management, Zhou Xingchi looked at all aspects of the tattoo industry and analyzed and demonstrated from the perspective of the tattoo artist.

The uncertain tattoo market is the tattoo market with huge space:

Whether the tattoo industry has space depends on macroscopically: whether the industrial chain division of labor and cooperation system is sound, Supply and demand market saturation, product experience.

Whether there is room for tattoo industry also depends on whether there is room for innovation in products and technical services. Whether there is room for tattoo industry depends on: the diversification and maturity of tattoo business models. Whether there is space in the tattoo industry depends on the microscopic level: the pay-to-return ratio of the front-line personnel.

According to the above reference analysis, there is room for tattoo operators in the market.

Market research on end customer needs:

The author sent a 2-hour eyebrow, eye, and lip promotion card at the entrance of a supermarket, and saw that most women's eyebrows are not good-looking.

In the past two years, the tattoo industry has seen a tenfold increase in the number of tattoo practitioners. The so-called: easy to learn, hard to do well. Looking at the eyebrows done on the street, there are not many good-looking ones. The market needs professional makeup artists with comprehensive aesthetic ability and technical control ability.

Customer demand exists, professional makeup artist demand exists, and tattoo market exists.

According to the above reference analysis, there is room for tattoo operators in the market.

Ratio of fees and pay back: Three to five hundred yuan for eyebrows, eyes and lips are considered low fees in ordinary counties. Charges of several hundred yuan have been accepted by mass customers. In terms of output, technicians can serve three or five people a day, and there is a lot of market space in terms of service time cost conversion. The nature of traumatic skin beauty services determines the charges for eyebrow, eye and lip items. The scarcity of technology or the proliferation of technology due to market factors is only a phased phenomenon.

According to the above reference analysis, there is room for tattoo operators in the market.

Various situations of tattoo operators:

A Professional tattoo operator for many years. Over the years, the embroidery operators have accumulated funds and customers, and profited by referrals from old customers. It is more difficult to develop new customers and the fees are lower. Most of them are trying to break through, operating costs increase, and profits are also reduced. B A tattoo operator who has learned within two years. It is in a state of rapid growth and rapid accumulation of original customers, or facing a phased customer loss and leaving the tattoo industry. A small number of operators can maintain a monthly income of around 10,000 to 20,000 yuan at low fees through continuous expansion and network support. Through the analysis of the above reference basis, there is room for tattoo operators in the market.

The above multi-angle argument shows that the tattoo market exists. Optimistic about the future.

In every industry, every province, city, county, and region, there are some people who have become the top of the industry and the one who makes money.

And all the people who are confused in the tattoo industry are wandering at the intersection of becoming the first in the local area, or being marginalized.

The tattoo artist of this era needs:

The tattoo artist has passed the era of staking.

The tattoo artist has entered the era of land occupation. In this era: Embroidery operators need: Settling down in a land where service can be controlled. Embroidery operators need: Accumulate their original customer group quickly. Embroidery operators need: Build a team to improve comprehensive service experience. Embroidery operators need: Refine your own corporate culture in business. Embroidery operators need: multi-channel operation, market brand marketing, and embroidery operators need: find yourself and strengthen your unique advantages

Analysis from a market perspective: before 2015 The tattoo market is relatively in short supply (teacher with good skills), and the marketing cost is low. After 2015, the market supply has exceeded the demand, (the entry threshold for technical personnel is low), a large number of tattoo artists have divided the market, and the per capita market share has decreased.

Embroiderers should know: As an embroiderer, the surface of the title is just saying that the embroiderer is a product producer. If you want to become a profitable tattoo artist, after completing the skill production, you have acquired the dual ability of operation and management. Market competition is precisely the transformation of the title of tattoo artist into the dual identity of tattoo operators.

We look at the tattoo market rationally. In the next few years, the end customers of tattoos will be professional and comprehensive tattoo operators.

No matter how noisy the tattoo industry is, there is still a long way to go in the future. What is the first local tattoo artist doing?

1. Adjust your own charges to be acceptable to local customer groups. 2. Provide more teachers with different fees for customers to choose (with apprentices, with relatives and friends, hired partners)

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