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Outline of the benefits of semi-permanent eyebrows

by:Qinmei     2022-12-08

Semi-permanent makeup has become more popular in China in recent years, and even now it is a very popular technique. Semi-permanent eyebrows are becoming more and more popular in the market and consumers. What are the advantages of semi-permanent eyebrow makeup? Because semi-permanent can bring women smooth eyebrows, exquisite eyeliner and sexy crystal lips, even without makeup, they are not beautiful. Let’s take a look at the specific advantages of semi-permanent fixed eyebrows.

Semi-permanent eyebrows are more comfortable than traditional eyebrow tattoos. The color is very light and will not turn red or blue. Traditional tattooing is an operation on the dermis of the skin, and the trauma is permanent; while semi-permanent makeup targets the epidermis of the skin, without causing trauma to the dermis, and will gradually disappear after 2 to 3 years with metabolism.

1. Correction of eyebrow shape

Women are more suitable for soft and smooth eyebrows. After doing semi-permanent eyebrow makeup, the curvature of the lower side between the peak of the eyebrow and the tail of the eyebrow is more beautiful and soft, making the entire facial features look more three-dimensional. It's like the faint feeling of eyebrow powder sweeping over, which is more fresh and natural than ordinary eyebrow tattoos, embroidered eyebrows, and floating eyebrows.

Two improve eyebrow color

Semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing can improve the color of the eyebrows and make the face more energetic, so that our facial features can be more three-dimensional and more beautiful. After finishing, there will be no redness, no bluishness, no smudge, and no discoloration. Different skin tones and hair colors need to be matched with different eyebrow colors, choose the eyebrow color that suits you, and enhance your beauty to the extreme.

Three enhance the temperament, add points for the appearance

Different eyebrow shapes and eyebrow colors can render different temperaments. Nowadays, young women are keen on misty eyebrows. The seemingly simple thick one-line eyebrow shape can instantly release a fashionable and unique temperament. Those who are older and have a restrained personality can choose a lighter light brown color, and the eyebrows should also be properly curved.

Four lasting effects

The effect can last for 2-3 years, and then it will gradually disappear with the new layer of metabolism of the human body. After metabolism, the operation can be performed again, avoiding the pain of washing eyebrows.

Five-free hemp convenience

The whole process is comfortable, operating on the epidermis, without injecting anesthetics to reduce skin damage. I can sleep for half an hour more in the morning, and I don’t have to worry about makeup removal anymore!

To sum up the above points, the advantages of semi-permanent eyebrow makeup is the main reason for the popularity of eyebrow tattooing. Designed eyebrow shape, the effect is relatively long-lasting, the main point is to avoid the troubles caused by makeup remover for girls.

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