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Qinmei pigment tattoo factory direct supply for fashion look

Qinmei pigment tattoo factory direct supply for fashion look
  • Qinmei pigment tattoo factory direct supply for fashion look
  • Qinmei pigment tattoo factory direct supply for fashion look

Qinmei pigment tattoo factory direct supply for fashion look

pigment tattooHigh-quality material selection, high quality, high strength, high ductility, good water resistance and other advantages.
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Phoenix Korea Liquid Permanent Makeup Pigment


Item number



100% Plant Ingredient

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Liquid,suit for permanent makeup machine


Eyebrow,eyeliner,lip tattoo


Long lasting and won’t change color


2 years



1.The pigments are organic in origin and ideal for working with Microblading, since there is no reddish after healing.
2.Color factors with small volume,it is good coloring and ling lasting.
3.Various colors for choose,it can make beautiful and natural looking,don't need worry it will turn red or blue.
4.Powder has been successfully prepared by new grinding technology,using aseptic packing environment, more safety and health
5.It is avaliable to provide OEM/ODM service,we can make your private label and private package



Soft color, used for fixing, to prevent turning blue and red


This is a brighter skin color, which can make the color brighter, but the dosage should be paid attention to when mixing.


This color can meet all your requirements for black, especially for strengthening eyeliner. For older customers, it is the best choice. If the skin is dark, it is recommended to use skin first


It's a beautiful red-brown color. It can show a natural tender feeling. By mixing with other colors, it can show a gentle feeling of eyebrows. It's very suitable for women with light blonde hair and red hair. It's better not to use it for people with ruddy skin. It's suitable for people with gray eyebrows.

Dark coffee

Cold color, suitable for blonde women, according to the needs of shade of color can be used with other colors


Beautiful and gentle brown. It can be used alone or in combination with other colors

Light coffee

This color is blended with chocolate. It is most suitable for blonde women and is very effective for pink or orange eyebrows.


Medium coffee color, can present soft, natural color, by mixing with other colors, can give eyebrows a warm feeling.

Gray coffee

It can be used alone. If mixed with other colors, it can make the color more beautiful and glossy

Green coffee

This color can be used to adjust orange or pink, red skin color,recommend adding a drop of this color to match the use of embroidery eyebrows.

Orange coffee

This color is used when you want to show a gentle feeling to prevent blue from appearing.

Orange red

It can make darker lips brighter and softer. Adding other colors can prevent the color from turning blue

Rose red

Moderate red, can be used alone to make perfect lip color and color persistence is high, if the customer's lip color is dark, use orange first.


Suitable for unrestrained or mature women, make lips more bright and energetic.

Dark red

Give the lips a cool feeling


Can give the lips a soft and warm feeling, if used with red, can present a natural, excellent color.

Wine red

For lip lines

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pigment tattoo It is made of green environmental protection materials, with strong adhesion and permeability, which can protect and decorate building walls well.
pigment tattoo It has passed the strict quality inspection of the national authority and is a high-quality product that meets the national quality standards. It is environmentally safe, non-toxic and harmless, and can be used with peace of mind.
pigment tattoo The color is full and bright, with a strong sense of layering. It will form a high-strength, high-durability film layer when applied on the base surface of the building, making the wall surface resistant to washing and lasting clean and bright.
pigment tattoo Excellent material selection, stable performance, high quality, wide range of applications, applicable to a variety of substrates, simple and convenient construction.
[企业简称] Insist on selecting high-quality raw materials and adopt advanced manufacturing technology to produce pigment tattoo. The produced pigment tattoo has good water resistance and anti-lift performance, high quality and long service life.
Based on the use of automated mechanical production equipment, our production efficiency has been greatly improved, and we can produce a large number of high-quality pigment tattoo in a timely manner. In addition, we have also established a strict cost control system, and insist on strictly controlling the production cost of each link , prompting the production of pigment tattoo to be highly cost-effective.
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