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Quick coloring method for semi-permanent lip tattoos Say goodbye to dark lips

by:Qinmei     2022-12-05
How to quickly color tattooed lips

(1) Tighten the lip tissues, and pay attention to the moderate strength of the lips. Too much strength may cause purple spots on the lips, and too little strength is not easy to color.

(2) Use a round 3/5 needle for oblique pricking. The machine and the skin are punctured obliquely at an angle of 70-80 degrees. The tattooing force should be based on a small amount of bleeding. If the force is too strong, there will be excessive bleeding and pain.

(3) The density of tattoos should be moderate. If the density is too high, it will lead to aggravation of edema and pigmentation, and if the density is too low, the coloring will be uneven.

(4) In the process of tattooing, it is necessary to apply adjuvants in Wenshi, and the effect of pain relief can be achieved in an instant.

(5) The corners of the lips are loose and not easy to be colored. The operator is required to tighten the lips by opening the mouth so as to facilitate the coloring.

(6) Do not wipe while writing, there must be enough time for the lip tissue to fully absorb the pigment.

(7) Avoid bleeding points, because the bleeding parts are not easy to be colored, avoid bleeding points when tattooing, and tattoo the parts that do not bleed first, and then the bleeding parts, so as to reduce invalid tattooing.

(8) The eyebrow eyebrow machine cannot be turned upside down to prevent color spraying caused by backflow of color materials.

(9) Dip less and more frequently in coloring material to prevent color spraying caused by too much coloring material.

(10) Remove the blood beads at the front end of the needle tube at any time, and try to avoid the blood beads from merging into the coloring material.

(11) Coloring method, perform comprehensive and overall tattooing over and over again. Three times and four times carry out emphatic tattooing on the parts with insufficient density and poor coloring.


Apply the pigment evenly on the lips, let it soak for 20-30 minutes, and remove it after being fully absorbed by the lip tissue, until the color is even. The coloring material must meet the following conditions to be absorbed:

(1) Sufficient and uniform needling density is required.

(2) Under the condition that there is no bleeding or exudation on the wound surface.

Causes of black lips after lip tattoo

One: Pigmentation caused by trauma infection due to mechanical stimulation.

Two: After the lip mucosa is damaged, the function of defending against ultraviolet rays decreases and a large amount of melanin is produced.

Ways to avoid: Pay attention to post-operative maintenance after lip tattooing, and usually apply moisturizing lip gloss.

Three: The lips themselves are black and dark, and the color cannot be changed in time, resulting in black and purple after the operation.

Four: The blood circulation in the lips is not smooth, causing congestion.

Ways to avoid: Do more lip exercises after surgery to promote blood circulation (such as chewing gum), and apply hot compresses after surgery.

Five: The color of the lip color chosen by the tattoo artist is too dark.

Ways to avoid: Customers with darker lips need to change the color first and then use bright colors for lip tattooing. If you use sparkling Champs rose red lips on dark lips, it will definitely cause dark lips.

Six: The stability of the pigment is poor, leading to the phenomenon of black and purple lips.

Ways to avoid: The quality of pigments on the market is uneven. Some small brands use industrial materials for facial lines. Industrial pigments are not absorbed by the human body. After use, it will not only lead to black and purple lips, but also serious rejection. .

Seven: The quality of externally applied anesthetics before lip moistening is very important! Adrenaline shrinks capillaries and can stop bleeding. The dosage is very strict. Too much will cause excessive subcutaneous congestion and hypoxic necrosis of cells, forming stains.

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