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Semi-permanent eyebrow line drawing outline

by:Qinmei     2022-12-08

With the rapid development of the semi-permanent industry, the semi-permanent eyebrow fixing technology is also becoming popular. An excellent tattoo artist can tattoo satisfactory semi-permanent eyebrows according to different situations. There are strict requirements from semi-permanent makeup eyebrow line drawing to skills. For Xiaobai who just went to tattoo training, semi-permanent eyebrows Both method and technique are compulsory courses. So, how is the semi-permanent eyebrow drawing method that more and more people like? What are the techniques?

People who know something about tattoos should know that semi-permanent eyebrows can be roughly divided into three types according to the shape and effect of eyebrow tattooing in the later stage: foggy eyebrows, lined eyebrows, and foggy eyebrows + lined eyebrows. Different eyebrows are drawn differently. Let's talk about three semi-permanent eyebrows.

Fog eyebrow painting method

The eyebrows drawn and made by the fog eyebrow drawing method seem to have the feeling of brushing the eyebrow powder lightly. Foggy eyebrows are colored on top of your original eyebrows, and the effect is very natural and beautiful. The method of drawing semi-permanent misty eyebrows is to design an eyebrow shape first, and then fill in the eyebrow shape. Create a misty effect.

How to draw line eyebrows

Use the eyebrow pencil to create the feeling of making eyebrows one by one following the hair growth trend. This kind of eyebrow is very suitable for people with very few eyebrows. The line drawing method of line-shaped eyebrows is to create eyebrows similar to real eyebrows one by one with an eyebrow tattoo pencil. The difference between this painting method and misty eyebrows is that misty eyebrows are filled in the eyebrow shape, while linear eyebrows develop in the direction of needlework.

Line eyebrow + mist eyebrow drawing method

Each line replaces the real eyebrows, and the fog replaces the small fluff to increase the hazy feeling. The overall look is soft and realistic, and it is visually close to natural eyebrows. It is also relatively expensive in the current industry. It also has natural looking eyebrows. The way to draw this kind of eyebrows is to create a foggy eyebrow first, and then fill in the line-shaped eyebrows inside the foggy eyebrows. Line+foggy eyebrow, as the name suggests, the combination of the above two kinds of eyebrow effects has both the hazy foggy eyebrow and the well-proportioned line eyebrow.

Basic line of thrush technique

When practicing eyebrow lines, you must first practice single lines, first practice long straight lines, and make the long straight lines smooth, so that each line is even, then shorten, and turn the straight line into an arc, after all Eyebrows are short arcs.

line combination

When practicing the combined lines of semi-permanent eyebrows, you must first find a layered and more realistic eyebrow, and understand the layers of the lines, so that you can better draw the combined lines.

Everyone's eyebrow shape is different. If a tattoo artist wants to design a semi-permanent eyebrow that satisfies the customer, he needs to have a solid foundation in drawing and skills. The above are the essentials of painting and techniques for semi-permanent eyebrow makeup, master the painting and techniques, bid farewell to tattoo beginners and enter tattoo masters.
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