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semi-permanent eyebrow makeup

by:Qinmei     2023-05-10

Semi-permanent makeup eyebrow is a new type of eyebrow beauty technology, the professional term is Korean semi-permanent makeup technology. Semi-permanent eyebrow makeup is a method of beautifying the eyebrows, and it is also a more popular beauty in recent years.
Features of semi-permanent eyebrow makeup
Semi-permanent eyebrow makeup can increase the thickness of eyebrows, just like the light makeup feeling of brushing eyebrow powder. It not only increases the overall beauty of the face, but is also suitable for male and female patients with congenital sparse eyebrows or acquired partial absence of eyebrows, poor eyebrow shape, scars in the eyebrows, and uneven eyebrows.

Because the eyebrow shape can show a person's personality, temperament and self-cultivation, before making eyebrows, it is necessary to carefully design and choose a good eyebrow shape according to the face shape, age, occupation and other characteristics of the beauty, and use the eyebrow pencil to draw the eyebrows that the patient is satisfied with shape. When making eyebrows, you should pay attention to making eyebrows rather shallow and deep. This is very important, because there are individual differences between people, such as the nature of the skin, the elasticity of the skin, the color of the skin, etc. Different skin characteristics have different degrees of absorption of the liquid medicine, and each person has different requirements for the color of the eyebrows. different. If the coloring is deep at one time, it will be very difficult to fade, and it will be difficult to repair when the patient is not satisfied. If the coloring is light, it can also be compensated by complementary color, so that the patient can achieve a satisfactory effect as much as possible. The tattooed eyebrows should be short rather than long. The tattooed eyebrows are rather thin than thick. Only by doing these points can you create beautiful eyebrows. Chu, don't be rash, and you will be safe.
1. Do not take medicines containing aspirin within two weeks before the project, because aspirin will reduce the function of platelet coagulation.
2. No make-up is required for the project.
3. Women should avoid menstrual and breastfeeding cycles.

Eyebrow tattooing is to puncture the skin with a small needle tip, inject metal oxide pigments that cannot be absorbed by the human body into the dermis, color the skin, and thus play a long-term fixation role. Semi-permanent fixed eyebrow is to implant natural pigment into the surface layer of the skin at 0.1-0.2mm through the makeup setting instrument. Because it is a natural plant pigment and it is on the surface of the skin, the semi-permanent characteristic of the semi-permanent fixed eyebrow is obvious, and it is also very suitable for the aesthetic concept of modern people.

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