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Semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo technology introduction

by:Qinmei     2022-12-11
Light and shadow silk mist eyebrow is a popular technology in light and shadow full face makeup, which has been well received by students. As for the light and shadow silk mist eyebrow, a popular eyebrow tattoo technique that attracts more attention from students, tattoo artists want to fully master this technique. So, how to operate the light and shadow silk mist eyebrow? Let's introduce and analyze the light and shadow silky mist eyebrow technology with Xin Yuxing Color. Light and shadow silk mist eyebrow technology introduction

Using the machine line method combined with the feather eyebrow method to create a realistic texture, using the mist to transition the layering and volume of the eyebrows, combined with light and shadow to fix the shape of the nose profile, it strengthens the three-dimensional sense of the facial features, adjusts the lack of nose, and coordinates the relationship between the three courts and five eyes. , also let the brow to the nose have a shadow connection, the eyebrow and the bone are more coordinated, it is the most high-end semi-permanent eyebrow in the market.

model prototype analysis

The eyebrows are relatively shallow. Among the proportions of three eyes and five eyes, the lower eyebrows are shorter, the lengths of the two eyebrows are different, the angles of the tails of the eyebrows are different, and the eyebrows are too straight and not three-dimensional.

Prepare tools

Instrument used: Bormezer-MTS450

*U.S. Bormeze- brand, originated from the accumulation of advanced technology in Europe and America, with 15 years of production and research experience, has always focused on the integration and innovation of semi-permanent technology development and color material technology, and has obtained a number of patents and international product certifications, and truly serves users. Create humanized; practical; high-quality semi-permanent makeup products.

Color material used: Keguan-Light and Shadow Full Face Makeup Set

*Keguan - brand, has been committed to research in the field of semi-permanent pigments. Research and develop from the perspective of insight into skin characteristics; combined with semi-permanent technology, select natural plants as extraction materials, and pass strict audits; standard build to meet the needs of different types of skin types, solve the pain points of using pigments, and provide high-level tattoo artists. , safe and reliable, pure color, stable and long-lasting color scheme.

Practical Analysis of Light and Shadow Silky Eyebrows

Step 1: Soothing; Shaping Eyebrows

After applying soothing milk for 20 minutes, clean and trim the hair around the main body of the eyebrows.

Step 2: Design eyebrow shape; draw texture

Make the black waterproof eyebrow pencil into a duckbill shape, and draw the lines according to the hair growth pattern of the model. The lines are thin in the front and thick in the back, thin at the top and dense at the bottom, so as to draw a realistic and natural effect.

Step 3: Touch up details

Use a small toothpick to trim the eyebrows to make it easier to define the eyebrow shape during the operation.

Step 4: Test Upper Chroma; Operate Lines

Operate with Bormeze 0.3 needle, operate the machine on the last designed line at the end of the eyebrow, and wipe it off with a cotton swab, test the chroma of the model's skin, and then operate according to the designed line according to the test strength, use a small section The method of overlapping lira makes light and heavy hair texture until it is colored.

Step 5: Enhance Texture

Next to each line, use a light swipe to add fog, and add weight to the middle of the line to shape the texture of the line.

Step 6: Manipulating the Nose Silhouette

Use manual round 3 needles plus light and shadow kit color cream #G306 to connect the shadows on the brows and inner eye socket depressions, use #G307 to make three-dimensional layers, the operation method, the starry sky is scattered, and the dream is floating.

Step 7: Manipulate the highlights

Use Bormeze 0.3 single needle, light and shadow colorant #G312 to clean the brow bone 3 times, a little color development is enough to achieve the effect of brightening, and the color should not be too much to avoid yellowing in the later stage.

final effect

Contrast display: the facial features are more refined and three-dimensional, which enhances the temperament and looks softer at the same time. The perfect connection between the nose profile and the eyebrows makes the eyebrows spiritual.

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