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Semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo|Whether to tattoo, how to tattoo, how to maintain? It is enough to read this article!

by:Qinmei     2023-05-15

Eyebrows, facial features are supreme.

Without a pair of good eyebrows,

If you don't take care of it well, think about how sorry you are!

a woman is his eyebrows

Because an eyebrow can show her temperament

Is it small and fresh, more literary or goddess style.

So if a person has no eyebrows,

And no matter how good-looking she is,

Even if it is a hot day, the bangs are covered to death,

Or just wear a hat.

However, there are always some girls who will do a few days of mental activities before tattooing their eyebrows.

Do you want to do it or not? I don’t know if it looks good. I don’t know if the teacher is professional.

But if you really make a decision, then you have to do the following steps:


What preparations should be made before tattooing eyebrows

know yourself



During pregnancy and menstruation

can not do eyebrow tattoo;

Those with allergies should learn more about the details of the products used;

Scar physique should also be considered more

After all, you are not even qualified to wash your eyebrows after tattooing.


Choose a professional beauty agency

When there are semi-permanent eyebrows hanging on the streets and alleys

you still have to keep your eyes open

Check your organization's eligibility

Check whether the institution has a qualification certificate for the eyebrow tattoo project

Don't be afraid to offend people even if it was introduced by a friend

After all, it is a matter of 'face'

It's always good to know more


select price

The price of eyebrow tattoo usually first considers the following factors

Tattoo artist's single-hour quotation + operation difficulty + product value

The professionalism of the tattoo artist must be directly proportional to her quotation

998 all-inclusive package is definitely not at the same level as those with tens of thousands

not let you pursue the most expensive

but make sure

within ability, as long as the best


Choose a professional teacher

First of all, avoid unlicensed tattoo artists

Secondly, it should be noted that the portfolio of the tattoo artist may be public

It is best to look at the eyebrows done by a friend at the tattoo artist

You can also ask the tattoo artist to draw a few more eyebrow shapes for you to see the effect

focus on brows

Tips: There is another criterion for judging the eyebrow tattoo done by the tattoo artist. When you lower your head, the eyebrows of the tattooed part rise up, and the technique is unfamiliar; the whole eyebrow is still intact, the technique is skillful, and you can trust it.


eyebrow design

Eyebrows have a great impact on a person's image

You can adjust the eyebrows according to your face

Especially the tail of the eyebrows must be filled

If you don't know your own eyebrows

The standard eyebrow drawing method introduced by the teacher

for reference


after eyebrows

After eyebrow tattoo

Avoid contact with hot water and steam, such as swimming, sauna, hot spring

after skin recovery

The color of the eyebrows will gradually return to the initially selected color

Ordinary tattoo eyebrow color can last for 2-3 years

Individuals have different metabolisms and the duration of maintenance is different

Eyebrows have a great impact on a person's appearance and even temperament. Many people can't draw a pair of eyebrows that complement their eyes because of their 'handicapped party' and poor makeup skills.

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