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Semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo zero scab tips to create perfect eyebrows

by:Qinmei     2022-12-03

If the tattoo artist wants to operate the misty eyebrows, it is still possible to achieve zero scabs, which requires certain skills. So what is the technique for operating misty eyebrows with zero scabs?

Needle location: above the epidermis, where the tattoo cannot reach the dermis

Operation time: about 40 minutes to complete a pair of eyebrows

After operation: rub back and forth with repair agent for 1 minute, cover and seal with plastic wrap for 3 to 5 minutes

Note: Within 3 hours after the operation of the eyebrows, wipe the eyebrows with physiological saline every 30 minutes, and then apply a thin layer of repairing agent, 6 times in 3 hours. Wipe it off after 1 minute, because every 20-30 minutes, tissue fluid will come out from the eyebrows. If the tissue fluid is not wiped off, it will solidify. After solidification, the restoration agent will stick to the dust in the air, and the scab will become thick.

After the eyebrows are done, it usually takes 3 hours to repair. After 3 hours, the customer can touch the water and wash the face normally. The thin scab will be taken away while washing the face, so as to achieve zero scab! It will be completely repaired in 24 hours, and the operation site will start Healed, and thin scabs will appear on the third day.

The damaged ability of one eyebrow is 30 minutes, and that of two eyebrows is one hour. Therefore, the tattoo artist should try to control the operation of the eyebrows within an hour. If the skin does not feel any damage, the tattoo artist will finish the operation, and the scab will naturally form a thin skin.

To make misty eyebrows, the skin needs to be tightened, and the colored operation should be done. Do not operate with empty needles. The vertical or oblique colored needles should be inserted 5-6 times per second. For the operation of zero-scab eyebrows, I can sum up one sentence: the speed must be fast, and the posture must be handsome.

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