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Semi-Permanent FAQs

by:Qinmei     2023-05-10
I believe that semi-permanent people will encounter various problems in their work. Today, the editor will give a comprehensive answer to your feedback in the background for reference.
Can I get my eyebrows back with my skin tone?
Answer: It is not recommended to tattoo it directly. If the color is heavy at that time, you can apply it on the dark part with skin color, and cover it with plastic wrap for 20 minutes, which can play a role in lightening; after the scab falls off, it is best not to cover it with skin color. Fade or use the method of turning color.
Do the lines first or the fog first?
Answer: It’s all right, you can do whichever you want first; as the name suggests, silk mist eyebrows are mainly silk and supplemented by lines.
If we make the fog well first, we are used to making the fog directly into the target color, and then adding lines, the lines will not be very obvious. What we get in this way is that the fog is the main part and the lines are the supplementary.
How to supplement the color of eyebrows in post-production?
Answer: Fog eyebrow: fill in the missing part first, and then operate it evenly as a whole, to ensure that the color of the second supplementary color is consistent with the color of the first operation;
Line eyebrows: make up for whatever is lacking, and make up for everything that is not lacking.
Will wiping too wet a cotton pad cause discoloration during the operation of the color contact liner?
Answer: If the face sheet is too wet, it is easy to smudge, and it will also cause the color difference of the eyeliner.
Do I need to remove the color contact lenses when operating? Can it be worn immediately after operation?
Answer: Contact lenses must be removed and cannot be worn at that time.
It can be worn only if there is no discomfort in the eyes the next day. If you wear contact lenses, the colorant or soothing ointment that enters the eyes will easily be wrapped in the contact lenses. It will be difficult to wash out the eyeballs and cause damage to the eyes. .
What are the consequences of applying numbness to eyebrows, eyes and lips for too long or too much?
Answer: There will be burns, or allergies, and the lips are prone to oxidation and blackening
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