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Semi-permanent lip makeup operation method Semi-permanent makeup operation precautions

by:Qinmei     2022-12-09

Semi-permanent makeup has gradually attracted people's attention and gradually been accepted by people. Due to the limitation of lipstick and the cumbersome need to apply every time, many girls who love beauty will choose semi-permanent lip makeup to make up for natural lip defects. However, after the semi-permanent lip makeup is done, there will also be a series of common problems, such as swelling, no color, dark lip color, blistering and other symptoms. What are the precautions for the semi-permanent lip makeup? The following editor will give you a little An explanation.

Many people like to make semi-permanent lips, and some people often want to know the retention time of semi-permanent lips. There are many factors that affect the retention time of semi-permanent lips. Let’s take a look at the operation steps and precautions of semi-permanent lips to analyze a bit. Semi-permanent makeup lip operation steps

1. Communication: After communicating with the customer about the operation-related matters, choose the pigment, the customer's consent form, and take pictures before the operation.

2. Design: Use the lip design pen to design the lip shape that suits the customer.

3. Pain relief: After applying the pain reliever, cover it with a medical film for 20-25 minutes.

4. Prepare for surgery: After selecting the pigment,

Prepare at least 2 instruments.

5. Operation: When tattooing the lip line, the needle needs to be moved back and forth several times to pay attention to the irregular lines. When coloring the lips, choose the technique that suits you (slash technique, circle technique, stitch technique, etc.) and fill it without gaps.

6. Finish the operation: Use a cotton pad to wipe it clean and observe whether there are any color leaks or places that need to be corrected. If any problems are found, they should be repaired in time.

7. Finishing: After the operation is completed, take pictures and save them, and then apply regeneration cream. Tell customers in detail the precautions for postoperative management, and ask customers to apply regeneration cream every morning and evening.

Precautions for semi-permanent lip makeup

1. Acupuncture techniques and operation time

Acupuncture should not be too deep, the standard needling method is 0.5mm into the needle and 1mm out of the needle; ensure that the machine is dipped in the coloring material to prevent too many invalid punctures; the operation time is controlled within one hour to avoid long-term operation on the lips Swelling; do a good job of disinfection to prevent bacterial infection.

2. The coordination between machine and hand

Coordinate the speed of the hand and the machine to achieve synchronous operation of the machine and the hand; avoid too much acupuncture force, which will cause bleeding and flushing of the pigment; avoid applying the repair gel too thickly, the tissue fluid will accumulate to form a scab, and the thick scab will take away the pigment .

3. Color matching method

Pay attention to color matching. If the color of the lips is cool, if you use cool color pigments, it will become dark and black; you can't eat things with melanin after lip tattooing.

4. High temperature disinfection of instruments

The lip tattooing instrument must be sterilized at high temperature. Once improper operation, mechanical stimulation, and drug reaction cause the body's immunity to decrease, it is easy to be infected by bacteria and viruses in the oral cavity and outside, and herpes simplex. Generally, lip tattooing surgery is performed in professional institutions, and the instruments are strictly sterilized by high temperature and high pressure to avoid infection after lip tattooing surgery.

Through the above, we can understand that semi-permanent lip makeup is very important in operation. Many tattoo artists are prone to these problems when they get feedback from customers when they make semi-permanent lip makeup for customers. The professional level of semi-permanent makeup fixing technology directly affects the effect of lips. It is recommended that tattoo artists receive professional semi-permanent training, and recommend everyone to go to Xinyu Xingse Beauty Makeup School, which specializes in curriculum development, talent output, skill improvement, qualification certification and other business scopes, and develops professional training for semi-permanent makeup practitioners across the country A practical training institution for tattoo techniques.

Questions and answers about semi-permanent lips
Q: After the lip is done, how to repair it and how to maintain it later?
Answer: Apply lip gloss, brush your teeth and eat normally, do not touch your mouth with water for a long time, especially raw water, it is recommended to rinse your mouth with pure water.
Q: How long does it take to restore the color of the lips after tearing off the scab in the mouth for 4-5 months?
Answer: It is a process of gradual repair and recovery. If there are no complications on the lip surface, a complementary color operation can be performed.
Q: How can a novice tattoo artist quickly get started with semi-permanent lip makeup?
Answer: Find someone to do it directly. Many people say that it takes seven days a week. To really do a good job in tattooing, you need to understand aesthetics. Aesthetics cannot be improved in a day or two. To put it in a more popular way, it is called aesthetics. It’s not just for anyone to do it for others.
Q: How thick is the single needle for the semi-permanent fixed lip?
Answer: Normal sharp needles are fine, do not use blunt needles.
Q: Do I need to use a color-retaining film after finishing the lips?
Answer: Yes, just apply a layer after the operation. It is coated with a color-retaining film, which can prevent water and bacteria and achieve better color retention. During the period, it can be touched with water normally.

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