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Semi-permanent makeup, these problems have nothing to do with the technique of the tattoo artist

by:Qinmei     2022-05-06

My eyebrows are not asymmetrical at all, and they look so obvious.

Under natural conditions, no one's eyebrows are completely symmetrical For the eyebrow muscles, we make eyebrows to better change the face shape and facial features to appear more temperamental and more energetic. As long as the operated eyebrows can be modified more harmoniously, that is why the color of good eyebrows will be very pale after scabbing. The eyebrows need to go through one or two times. It is not called semi-permanent makeup, which is eyebrow tattooing and embroidery. Any semi-permanent makeup requires secondary coloring to achieve perfect results, especially Customers with thin and oily skin even need more color refills, including eyeliner.

The eyebrows are so light that I didn’t do it for me.

The standard eyebrows are light brows and brow ridges. Deep brows and light brows can achieve a natural and transparent effect. If the brows are made too deep, they will appear stiff and rigid. The details of the brow processing require higher technical content, not only the aesthetic level of the tattoo artist is in place It is also necessary to use technical methods to freely inflame the pustules. What's the matter? Semi-permanent makeup will cause slight damage to the skin, so after the operation is completed, the post-care and precautions must be strictly implemented according to the instructions of the tattoo artist. Inflammation and pustules in the later period are mostly caused by local inflammation and infection caused by customers' lack of precautions and personal hygiene. Does tearing off the scab really affect the color retention? After the operation of semi-permanent makeup, it will cause slight damage to the skin, so the process of scab formation and scab removal is required. During the scab formation, forcibly tearing off the scab will definitely cause secondary damage to the skin. It will cause minor damage to the skin, causing no color retention and severe local infection. Under the scars, the eyebrows and eyeliner lines are generally scabbed off, which will cause no coloring because the scab does not fall off naturally. When the scab is deducted, the pigment implanted into the skin will be brought out with the scab. In the case of serious lips Why are the eyebrows so itchy after muscle hyperplasia? A very small number of customers feel that their eyebrows are itchy and often scratch with their hands for a month or more than half a year after the operation. What is the situation? For so long? Generally, most of the people who have this situation are due to their own skin constitution. The recovery is not ideal. In the long-term repair process, it will appear. In such a situation, remember not to buckle or scratch with your hands. You should strictly follow the tattoo artist's instructions. Apply anti-inflammatory cream on time to make perfect pupil lines, why do my eyes grow small granular things? A very small number of customers will have fleshy particles appearing on the eyelids after operating the eyelid line. Is the technique of the tattoo artist not good enough? Or some other reason? Due to the presence of this kind of inflammation in the customer's own skin, the skin is stimulated when operating the cosmetic contact line, and this inflammation is brought out to form meat grains. This kind of thing is called wheat grains.

Growth is wheat grains and tattoos. It doesn't matter what the teacher's technique is. Even a doctor can't tell if your skin has this kind of inflammation. As long as you do a good job of personal hygiene, it will disappear on its own, so don't worry too much if you want to manipulate the eyebrows like a celebrity and say it perfunctorily. Not suitable, right? In our opinion, the tattoo artist's eyebrows look so good. I also want to make them exactly the same, but why do those tattoo artists say they are not suitable for such eyebrows? She (he) is just not skilled enough to operate it ? The proportion of each person's face and brow bone is different. Design the corresponding brow shape. For example: a round face is only suitable for raised eyebrows, not suitable for thick and flat eyebrows. The five-eye design of the court is in line with the aesthetics. If you blindly imitate others, the effect will only be the opposite. A professional tattoo artist will definitely design the eyebrow shape that suits you according to your face shape and professional knowledge. It is the best thing that suits you. If the eyebrow shape is not suitable for you just to be able to complete this single design, it only means that the tattoo artist does not have enough professional knowledge and professional ethics.

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