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semi-permanent makeup

by:Qinmei     2023-05-11

Semi-permanent makeup is a cosmetic skill derived from the combination of plastic surgery and makeup. After this kind of cosmetic surgery, people's eyebrows, eyes and lips can show the effect of makeup. Semi-permanent makeup is also known as subtle intracellular color insertion, Korean fixed makeup, tattoo skin grafting, semi-permanent makeup, and continuous enhanced makeup. Long-lasting makeup is called Korean fixed makeup in our country. This technology existed a few years ago, and it has developed the fastest in the past two years and is known to more people. Semi-permanent makeup is known for its unique semi-permanent makeup effect. It is an advanced makeup technique that does not need to remove makeup.

The principle of semi-permanent makeup
Semi-permanent makeup is based on dermatology and performs beauty on the epidermis of the skin.
In the epidermis, the beauty makeup is also performed on the bottom basal layer, so the skin cells in the epidermis will gradually lose their color after 3-5 years of metabolism, which is different from performing surgery deep in the dermis. A new concept beauty technique for tattoos.

Pigment Safety
Semi-permanent makeup is a popular makeup method that has already been certified safe in developed countries such as the United States and Europe. The materials used in the surgery are natural materials that will not cause side effects or discoloration even if they invade the skin, and their safety does not cause any harm to the human body. .

Semi-permanent makeup method
1. Eyebrow tattoo
One of the semi-permanent makeup techniques is eyebrow tattooing. Eyebrow tattooing surgery generally uses the method of implanting pigments into the skin of the eyebrows to create a permanent thrush effect. To design the eyebrow shape, once the eyebrow tattooing operation is completed, the recipient can save the trouble of drawing eyebrows every day.
2. Eyeliner tattoo
Eyeliner surgery is also a better choice for women. It is usually time-consuming to draw eyeliner every morning, and eyeliner surgery designs eyeliner according to the trend of the upper eyelid of the recipient. Generally, eyeliner must be drawn according to The operation is performed on the shape of the recipient's double eyelids, and eyeliner tattoos are required to be natural and beautiful.
3. Lip liner
Some women often give people an unhealthy feeling because their lips are too light. Choosing lip liner surgery can modify the lip shape of the recipient very well, and it can also be used for women whose lips are too pale. Improvement. After lip liner surgery, usually the lip shape of the recipient will appear more three-dimensional.

Applicable objects of semi-permanent makeup
- People who like swimming, fitness and other sports;
- People who like to travel;
- People with less hair and less eyebrows;
-Athletes, chefs and other people who sweat a lot;
- People who don't know how to make up;
- People who like sauna etc.;
- People who have difficulty applying makeup due to visual impairment, joint impairment, motor impairment;
- People with inconspicuous lip lines;
- people who work in wet environments;
-People who want to correct tattoos.

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