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Semi-permanent technology Semi-permanent: the three major mistakes in making cosmetic contact lenses, don't make them again!

by:Qinmei     2023-05-17

Have you ever noticed that if you have eyebrows done but no color contact liner, the eyebrows will take away the beauty of your eyes,

Therefore, many sensible beauty lovers will do eyebrows together with color contact liner.

However, due to my habit of drawing eyeliner or the impression of old-fashioned eyeliner,

When some people do semi-permanent color contact liner, they often go into some misunderstandings.

While adding troubles, it may also ruin the finished color contact line!

Today, let’s talk about the 3 most common misunderstandings in the selection of color contact lenses:

What are the misunderstandings when doing cosmetic contact liner?


Cool little tail

This small tail has been popular for a long time, and it can be described as enduring. Many girls like to do this, and sometimes the power of the wild can't stop it. However, the beauty contact line pays attention to the light makeup and natural feeling. It will look old-fashioned. I really like girls with small tails. You can add a touch of makeup when you usually make up, and don’t add it if you don’t like it.


too much coloring

Too thick will indeed look very good when it is just done, even better than delicate makeup. But if the maintenance is not good, it will faint if you don’t pay attention, especially people with many blood vessels and thin skin, you should be more cautious. Otherwise, it is easy to appear smudged and spent. It's not that the tattoo artist can't do it, it's really for the sake of making you look natural and long-lasting.


Complementary color

After the color contact line is finished, there will be a color-returning period, but it is very wrong to replenish the color during the color-returning period. Within one month after the color contact line is completed, there will be a color-returning period. During the flashback period, the color of the color contact line will experience lightening, and then the color will return to the surface of the skin, so that the color will return to a slightly darker color, and this is the true color of the color contact line. If the color is forcibly applied during the recolor period, it is easy to make the color too dark, and even delay wound healing and cause infection.

Therefore, it is better to have a natural and fresh color contact liner. It is only done on the root of the eyelashes and in the shadow of the eyelashes.

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