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Senior tattoo artist reminds the reasons for the failure of eyebrow embroidery in beauty salons

by:Qinmei     2022-04-15

Nowadays, eyebrow tattoos can be seen everywhere, but a few unprofessional beauticians blindly apply a fixed pattern under the guidance of lack of experience and aesthetic concepts, and rashly tattoo stiff, unnatural and incorrect colors for customers. Or asymmetrical eyebrows, such as splayed eyebrows, big knife eyebrows, reptile eyebrows, etc., are self-defeating, pointed out the senior Korean semi-permanent tattoo artist of Artistic. Reasons for the failure of eyebrow tattooing: 1. The color used for eyebrow tattooing is wrong. The pigments used for eyebrow tattooing include dark and light brown, gray, black, coffee, etc., which should be selected according to the color of hair and skin. Oriental hair color tends to be a mixture of several shades, with a little dark grey and a little dark brown. Therefore, the color of the eyebrow tattoo liquid should be suitable for the person. If the hair is darker and the skin is darker, use natural gray with one or two drops of black; if the hair is yellowish and the skin is whiter, use natural gray and one or two drops of brown. In the experiment, many beauticians only used a single dark gray or black to tattoo the eyebrows, so that the tattooed eyebrows will be unreal and unnatural, and the eyebrows will appear rigid and distorted. 2. The eyebrow shape design in the tattoo project is incorrect. Whether the tattooed eyebrows are ideal or not, the eyebrow shape design is the key. If the eyebrows are not designed according to the characteristics of the customer's own eyebrows and the shape of the eyebrow arch, the original eyebrows should be plucked out, and a new eyebrow should be tattooed. move. At the same time, the two black bars tattooed on the smooth skin, separated from the eyebrows, are naturally not 'three-dimensional'. Another situation is that due to the influence of the customer's seat and light source and the asymmetry of the eyebrow arch itself, the two sides of the eyebrow design are asymmetrical, one high and one low, one long and one short, one wide and one narrow, and one curved , Of course, the eyebrows tattooed in this way cannot be symmetrical. 3. Use inferior pigments. Individuals in the beauty industry who do not have good professional ethics and choose inferior pigments in pursuit of reducing costs will also cause the color of the eyebrows to turn blue, or the color will also fall off after the scab is removed. Cause pain and unnecessary trouble to customers. 4. The technique of tattooing is inappropriate and the shade is inappropriate. The eyebrow tattoo should follow the direction of the eyebrow growth, and master the depth, density and skills. The eyebrows and eyebrows should be slightly lighter in color and sparser in density, while the eyebrows and waists should be heavier in color and denser in density. This is the appropriate shade in eyebrow tattooing. If the eyebrow tattoo is dark and dense, the whole eyebrow will appear stiff and rigid. At the same time, pay attention to the natural transition of shades. If the boundary between shades is too obvious, the eyebrows will be distorted.

Artisty's Korean semi-permanent senior tattoo artist Mr. Li pointed out that due to the continuous popularity of the tattoo industry in recent years, some traditional beauty directors have carried out tattoos under the condition of immature conditions due to the pressure of business performance. Embroidery project, let the clerk study in the training school or tattoo artist for 10 days, and then publicize the tattoo and embroidery business to the outside world. You can know the consequences of this. From being able to independently cope with various situations that appear in tattooing, the tattoo artist must also be proficient in aesthetics, color, physiognomy and other knowledge.

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