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Sketching, the difference between an 'average' tattoo artist and an 'excellent' tattoo artist

by:Qinmei     2022-04-30

This is the difference between you and an 'ordinary' tattoo artist!

Some people say that there should be no such thing as three, six and nine in this world. But if you don't have such a level, you'll just be reluctant to make progress and be mediocre.

It's like a tattoo artist. It is precisely because of the difference between 'tattoo technician' and 'tattoo master' that so many people want to constantly improve themselves and surpass. yourself, and move towards a higher goal. Embroiderers, from 'technicians' to 'masters

1. The intention is to save the brush first, and the intention is to draw as much as possible. For the tattoo artist who is engaged in professional technology, if you want to draw a makeup look, you must first understand the basic structure and interpretation of the facial features different aesthetics. Embroidery sketches allow the tattoo artist to have a basic understanding of the structures of eyebrows, eyes, lips, etc., deepen the impression of beauty, enhance the aesthetic power, and create beauty. At the same time, through the carrier of flat paper, the same beauty is transformed into the face through thinking, shaping the beauty to the extreme, showing a different beauty. 2. Learn to draw with a 'peneyebrow, eye and lip effect. Make technology more professional and make professional easier.

Beauty.com Sketch Art Festival From the understanding of basic drawing tools to the completion of each step of the drawing operation process. Through the comprehensive study of structure, shape, line, color and level, the work of the tattoo artist can present the most extreme natural beauty. Drawing Art Festival Teacher

Tattoo is not only a technique but also a sublimation of art.

Learning tattoo sketch can not only cultivate one's temperament, improve artistic cultivation, but also exercise hands and improve hand-painting ability. Every tattoo artist needs to have such a sketch foundation.

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