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Specifications for anesthesia in lip tattooing

by:Qinmei     2022-04-29

Lip tattooing includes lip tattooing and full lip tattooing. There are three commonly used local anesthesia methods in the process of lip tattooing, namely topical anesthesia, local infiltration anesthesia and regional block anesthesia. 1. Methods of performing topical anesthesia 1. Applicable population - This method is suitable for the patients with good pain tolerance, and can also be used in the secondary color compensation. 2. Main agent - 1%~2% dicaine 3. Advantages of topical anesthesia: a. Simple method b. No blood stasis c. No obvious swelling d. Fast postoperative recovery 4. Disadvantages of topical anesthesia: a . Incomplete anesthesia b. Local bleeding c. Obvious symptoms of palpebral conjunctiva irritation Lips about 20 minutes. (2) When the subject's lips feel numb and heavy, the lip line can be started. (3) During tattooing, the embroiderer can apply dicaine solution repeatedly. For example, when there is a lot of bleeding on the whole lip of the tattoo, a cotton swab can be dipped in a little epinephrine solution for smearing, and dicaine can also be used. The two liquids of epinephrine are applied alternately to the lips. Second, the method of local infiltration anesthesia 1. Applicable crowd - this method is suitable for those with poor pain tolerance. Note that it is contraindicated in patients with a history of hypertension and hyperthyroidism. 2. The main agent - 2% procaine epinephrine or 2% lidocaine 3. The advantages of local infiltration anesthesia: a. Rapid anesthesia b. Less bleeding and fast coloring c. Local tension that can relax 4 Disadvantages of local infiltration anesthesia: a. Pain during needle insertion b. Local swelling is obvious c. A small number of blood stasis will appear (2) Routine disinfection of the lips should be performed before anesthesia, that is, the lips should be wiped with 1:1000 Xinjieer cotton ball. For the subject with traces of makeup on the lips, apply a little chlortetracycline eye ointment to remove makeup. (3) A disposable syringe should be used to extract 5 ml of 2% procaine epinephrine or 2% lidocaine, and four injections should be made in the red lips, that is, the upper and lower lips should be injected twice each. (4) First, insert the needle from the corner of the upper lip side, avoiding the blood vessel, the needle tip is parallel to the skin, and make a continuous skin mound along the red lip. Then make a continuous Pichu from the lip beads to the corners of the mouth. Do the same from the other corner of the mouth. (The same method for the lower lip) (5) Due to the local infiltration anesthesia, the local edema is obvious after the operation, and ice compresses should be applied intermittently within 24 hours. 3. The method of performing regional block anesthesia 1. Scope of application - generally used for tattooing for a long time. 2. Main agent - 2% procaine epinephrine or 2% lidocaine 3. Advantages of nerve block anesthesia: a. Less pain b. No blood stasis c. No swelling 4. Disadvantages of nerve block anesthesia : a. Slow anesthesia b. Local numbness may occur c. After the needle is withdrawn, if the needle hole is not pressed properly, hematoma is likely to appear. 5. Operation points: (1) Disinfect the local skin with 75% alcohol before application. (2) When tattooing the upper lip, use the index finger of the left hand to touch the infraorbital foramen 6-8 mm below the midpoint of the infraorbital rim, insert the needle at about 0.5 cm next to the alar of the nose, inject a little medicine under the skin, and then adjust the direction of the needle. At an angle of 20° to the sagittal plane of the skull, it is advanced upward, backward, and outward to the infraorbital foramen, and the infraorbital canal is about 0.5 cm. When no blood is sucked back, 2% procaine and epinephrine 0.5-1 can be injected. ml. (3) When the lower lip is tattooed, the mental nerve can be blocked. The mental nerve is the terminal branch of the inferior alveolar nerve. The mental foramen is located below the first and second bicuspid teeth, slightly above the midpoint of the upper and lower edges of the mandible body, about 2.5 to 3 cm from the midline, symmetrical to the left and right, and perpendicular to the infraorbital foramen. The hole is punctured from the top, the front, and the bottom, and 1 ml of medicine is injected after entering the mental foramen, or it is injected on the bone surface equivalent to the mental foramen.

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