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What are the advantages of tattoo OEM processing?

by:Qinmei     2022-10-27
Many people will encounter various problems when looking for tattoo OEM manufacturers, such as:

The coloring effect of tattoo pigments is not good, the coloring is slow, uneven, and it is easy to change color later

Tattoo equipment is prone to flying needles, loud noise, and unstable machine

Can't find a tattoo OEM manufacturer that suits you

The cost of representing other people's tattoo brands is high

Currently owned brand products are not selling well

These are the frequently encountered problems in tattoo OEM

So how can we solve the above problems and shine in the tattoo industry?

Looking for high-quality tattoo OEM manufacturers, customizing your own tattoo brand may be the way out

So what are the advantages of tattoo stickers?
1. Building a high-quality brand can increase the viscosity of consumers and increase the number of returned orders.
2. The positioning of high-end brand image products is high, and the price can be higher than others, increasing profit margins for yourself.
3. Be able to control the quality of products and market positioning by yourself.
4. Improve the competitiveness and advertising of your own brand in the industry, and establish brand reputation and popularity
5. It is a prerequisite for applying for national inspection exemption, provincial and municipal famous brand, well-known trademark, and quality certification
6. Free from the cost of production equipment and labor
7. With independent pricing rights, more profit margins

Many people may think that it is easy to choose products, but what to do if you have no experience in building a brand, you don’t know what to do, and you don’t know where to start.

Professional things are left to professional people!

These problems are handed over to the tattoo OEM to help you solve!

PMU Supplies Co., Ltd. has a unique product research and development team,

Build an EU standard aseptic production workshop with domestic leading production equipment.

In addition to producing products, we can also provide you with one-stop butler services such as brand planning, product development, registered trademarks, packaging design, product operation, and after-sales service.

We have accumulated more than ten years of OEM experience in tattoo and embroidery production, and we have a complete range of tattoo and embroidery products, including tattoo and embroidery pigments, machines, repairs, auxiliary products, and other raw materials.

We have established a variety of mature cooperation programs such as tattoo OEM, tattoo processing, and sample processing. Customers can choose the cooperation method according to their own needs.

Choose tattoo OEM manufacturers to help you quickly build your own exclusive brand.
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