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What are the auxiliary preparations for tattooing?

by:Qinmei     2022-04-16

According to their uses, tattoo preparations can be mainly divided into eyebrow tattoo liquid, tattoo eyeliner liquid, tattoo lip liquid and repair liquid. One, eyebrow tattoo liquid eyebrow tattoo liquid is dark brown series and gray series. The specific selection and configuration should be determined according to the hair color and skin color of the recipient. One of the series should be selected first, and then one or two or more colors of the series should be used, and the final colorant should be prepared before use. The pigments commonly used for tattooing eyebrows are: 1. Kailin Meihuan - developed by Beijing Huangsi Cosmetic Surgery Hospital. Its color is dark brown, characterized by non-fading, non-volatile, not easy to dry and coagulate, realistic and natural color, and good biocompatibility with human skin. welcome. Mainly used for eyebrow tattooing, beard tattooing, hair tattooing, and can also be used with black for eyeliner tattooing. 2. Brown - divided into light brown and dark brown, mainly used for eyebrow tattooing. It is especially suitable for patients with fair skin and yellow hair. 3. Natural gray - suitable for eyebrow tattooing or complementary color after eyebrow tattooing. 2. Liquid eyeliner

Liquid eyeliner is mostly black series, and is generally used after mixing with the brown series. The pigments commonly used for eyeliner are: 1. Emperor Black - characterized by black and bright color, volatile and drying. Generally, it is mixed with Kailin Meihuan and then used to tattoo eyeliner in a ratio of 2:1 (that is, 2 drops of Emperor Black and 1 drop of Kailin Meihuan). 2. Extra black - characterized by black and bright color and thinner liquid. For eyeliner, it can also be mixed with Kailin Meihuan before use, the ratio is 1:1. 3. Lipstick Liquid Lipstick is mostly red series, and it is generally used after two or more colors are deployed. The color of the lip line is slightly darker, and the color of the whole lip is slightly brighter and brighter. The pigments commonly used for lip tattooing are: 1. Dark red - the color is red with black, suitable for lip tattooing or full lip tattooing after blending with other light red series. 2. Rose red - the color is red with blue, and it must be mixed with other red colors before being used for lip lines and full lips. 3. Vermilion - the color is red to yellow, mainly used for tattooing the whole lips. In addition, peach red, light red, orange red, carmine and other red coloring materials are also commonly used lip coloring materials. Their colors are light and light, and they need to be formulated before they are used to tattoo the whole lip, and sometimes they are also used to cover tattooed eyebrows. The part where the eyebrows turn blue after failure. Fourth, the repair solution The repair solution is often natural skin color (flesh pink). This color series is close to the skin color and is used to cover unsatisfactory parts after tattooing.

There are many brands of decorative preparations, commonly used are Meijiana, Fuguan, Yiji, Xinqi, Caiyi and so on. Due to different manufacturers and different brands, taking peach as an example, there will be certain differences in the peach colors of different brands. In order to achieve the best color effect of tattoo embroidery, it is mainly dependent on the tattoo artist to adjust the dosage according to the color as appropriate. In addition, in order to make the coloring uniform, before using the texture preparation, it is generally applied with force.

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