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What are the benefits of semi-permanent eyebrow tattoos? Give you 5 irresistible reasons

by:Qinmei     2023-05-16

In May, the breeze is not dry, the sun is just right

It's a good season for eyebrow tattooing

Eyebrows are the most straightforward emotions and the unsung heroes of the whole makeup. It seems simple in the facial features, but in fact it occupies the highest position and carries a person's spirit and spirit.

The same makeup on the same face, with different eyebrow shapes will show a completely different temperament. If you use different eyebrow shapes and match the corresponding makeup, you can have whatever temperament you want.

Semi-permanent fixed eyebrows have become popular all over the country. Semi-permanent fixed eyebrows can not only solve the troubles caused by thin eyebrows, so as to get rid of the troubles of drawing eyebrows every day, but also highlight a person's self-cultivation, personality and temperament.

You ask where is the best way to tattoo eyebrows, I will answer the five great treasures of tattooing eyebrows

The first treasure does not need to draw eyebrows every day, and it can be beautiful without makeup anytime, anywhere, freeing your hands, and you don't have to feel that other people's eyebrows are beautiful. Don't be afraid to go out temporarily, and stay away from the embarrassment of 'star without eyebrows', and you can show your perfect makeup anytime, anywhere.

The second treasure saves time and cost, makeup is no longer an excuse for being late. Save makeup and makeup removal time, through the optimized management of time, make your daily life organized, and become a perfect woman with exquisite eyebrows and eyes.

The third treasure saves money and costs. Save expensive cosmetics, feel at ease, reduce the possibility of eating dirt, and no longer have to worry about the tragedy of losing your cosmetic bag.

The fourth treasure creates a three-dimensional outline to perfectly display your own style.

Eyebrows determine the three-dimensionality and outline of the face. Choosing the right eyebrow shape can not only change your personal style, slim your face and reduce your age;

The fifth treasure is long-lasting and stereotyped, no smudged makeup, no makeup off. In the hot summer, the makeup will be worn out if you don't pay attention to it. I want to go swimming, but I can only refuse in order to keep my eyebrows from falling off. In the cold winter, my favorite sauna and hot spring can not participate. This kind of life is not your favorite, you have tattooed eyebrows, long-lasting styling, no smudged makeup, just be yourself wantonly.

Note: When the scab falls off, do not pick it with your hands, but let it fall naturally, otherwise the coloring material will be picked off together, and the color will not be painted. After eyebrow tattooing, the skin under the eyebrows is undergoing metabolism. After the metabolism is completed, the lines of the tattoo will gradually show a normal color. The normal period of the three stages of semi-permanent from coloring to recoloring is about 28 days. At that time, the deep color of the skin will gradually appear. If the color of the line is not obvious or the color is too light, it can be fine-tuned to complement the color!

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