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What are the cooperation methods of tattoo OEM and the advantages of tattoo OEM

by:Qinmei     2022-10-21
With the continuous growth of the tattoo market, many tattoo enterprises have been born, and each enterprise will develop its brand when it grows to a certain scale. To develop a brand, the first thing that needs to be done is to have its own products.

If you want to have your own products, you must find the source manufacturer for OEM processing. The tattoo OEM products include tattoo pigments, tattoo instruments, auxiliary supplies and so on.

Here are two options for brands
First: OEM OEM processing, customers only need to provide samples or put forward requirements, manufacturers design and produce according to customer needs
Second: ODM own brand processing, choose the manufacturer's existing products and formulas, generally mature manufacturers will have some mature products for customers to choose
Third: Sample processing, customers provide samples and drawings, and use the factory's own raw materials to produce according to the quality, style, style, color, specification, quantity and other sample requirements required by customers.

The advantages of tattoo OEM

1. The product quality is guaranteed

Manufacturers have mature production equipment and product formulas. They can sample and test before production, and cooperate with them on the premise of guaranteed product quality, and control the quality of products in the later stage.

2. High profit margin

You don't need to open a factory yourself, saving the investment of hardware facilities and personnel in the factory, you can have your own product production line, compress your own costs to the greatest extent, and maximize your benefits.

3. Flexible order placement, low risk

The demands of the tattoo market are changing rapidly. In the process of OEM, manufacturers provide semi-finished products. Brand owners can customize the types of tattoo products according to market preferences and trends, reducing the risk of slow-selling and suppressing goods caused by choosing the wrong model, so as to obtain higher prices. 's earnings.

4. No need to invest any energy in production

Many brand owners have their own advantages in selling products and are not good at production. At that time, there will be a professional tattoo product manufacturer who can make a difference, instead of focusing on product production, focusing on product sales and branding development of.

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