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What are the cosmetic OEM processes? An article for you

by:Qinmei     2022-08-28

Many pmu cosmetic companies themselves are only good at brand operation and sales, and know nothing about product production. Therefore, companies do not spend huge amounts of money to build factories, and more choose to entrust production to cosmetic OEM factories. Cosmetics OEMs are favored by cosmetics companies and beauty institutions because of their independent, flexible, high-yield, and high-value characteristics. They do not require huge investment, and they can create high-quality products by eliminating the need for consultants in each link. The price difference, to achieve high profit income.

For companies who are new to cosmetics OEM, the first thing to understand is the specific process of cosmetics OEM. Let's take a look at what the process is.

1. Consulting
After selecting a cosmetic OEM manufacturer, you can obtain contact information through the official website or official website, directly dial the contact hotline or contact through WeChat for consultation, and it is recommended to visit the company headquarters for more reliable face-to-face communication.

2. Selection
Provide professional advice according to the needs of the OEM products selected by customers.

3. Quotation
Determine the customer's selected product packaging materials and design requirements, and customize the corresponding cost accounting.

4. Deposit
Sign an OEM custom contract and prepay a 30% deposit of the product payment.

5. Design
According to the customer's design requirements, combined with the professional brand design concept, we design the packaging materials that meet the customer's requirements.

6. Finalization
Adjust the design plan according to customer needs.

7. Production
According to the communication design with the customer, after the customer selects the design draft, it will be put into production immediately.

8. Logistics
OEM manufacturers arrange logistics delivery, and deliver goods on time and accurately.

Nine, after-sales
After receiving the product, the customer will check it in time. If the product is damaged or the product is unqualified, please contact us in time!

The above is the OEM process of cosmetics OEM, I hope it will help you who are looking for manufacturers.

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