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What are the factors that cause dark lips? What are the key points in operating black lips?

by:Qinmei     2022-11-30

After semi-permanent lip makeup, the lips turn black. This is a difficult problem faced by tattoo artists. Why is the edge of the mouth dark after tattooing the lips? What causes it? When faced with natural dark lips or operational dark Lips, what are the operating points for changing black lips?

Factors that cause dark lips and dark lips Customers' physical problems

The customer has dark lips, so the tattoo artist directly uses the target color without changing the color. After the repair period, the lip color turns back to dark.

Ways to avoid:

Dark lips need to be changed first, and the dark color of the lips should be lightened before using light-colored pigments. Use orange to change the color first, and then operate the target color (dark color). If the color is too dark, you can apply red lip cream later to improve it.

The needle length is not adjusted properly

The tattoo artist didn't adjust the needle length of the machine properly, the needle was inserted too deep, and the bleeding was too much, which caused the lips to bruise and turn black.

Ways to avoid:

The multi-needle lip surface is used to increase the area of ​​force, and it is not easy to insert the needle too deep, and the pain of the customer is relatively small, and blood stasis is not easy to occur.

Poor blood circulation after lip tattooing, resulting in congestion

Ways to avoid:

After the operation, customers are required to do more lip exercises to promote blood circulation. It is recommended to do 'a' and 'o' mouth exercises, and heat compresses should be done to achieve preventive effects.

The function of defense against ultraviolet rays is reduced to produce melanin

Ways to avoid:

Using red lip essence or red lip lotion after surgery can prevent the problem of uncolored lips. After bleaching the lips, you should pay attention to the post-operative maintenance, usually apply more moisturizing lip gloss and lip mask frequently.

The selected color is dark

Ways to avoid:

Tattoo artists should not listen too much to customers' opinions, because customers don't understand tattoos, and they need to persuade customers to choose colors based on their own conditions.

too much stabilizer

Too much stabilizer will cause excessive subcutaneous congestion and hypoxic necrosis of cells, forming stains.

Ways to avoid:

Stabilizers can achieve the effect of shrinking capillaries and stopping bleeding, and the dosage should be very strict. The recommended operating time is within 1 hour. If the stabilizer is to be applied for the second time during the operation, it should be completely wiped clean before operation.

Key points for changing dark lips

1. For customers with dark lips on the edge of the lip line, operate the lip edge first. Not only can the lip shape be determined, but also the color of the lip line can be used as a reference for the concentration when operating the lip surface.

2. In terms of coloring for black lips, for ordinary black lips, you can directly use dark colors to directly cover them. Only the lip line and lip edge are obviously black, you can choose orange red to operate. If the overall black lips are serious, it is best to use orange to change the color first, and then use dark colors to color.

3. It is best to use round three needles on the lip edge and lip line of dark lips. Slow down the speed and prevent the manipulation of places other than the lip line due to unsteady hands. For the lips, choose the needles that you can control.

4. The edge and lip line of black lips are very important. Do not deliberately manipulate the edge of the lip in order to cover the black color of the edge of the lip. Just operate to the position of the lip line. If the lip line is not serious and the customer's mouth is large, you can properly start the operation within 0.5mm of the lip line.

5. The operation of black lips can be slightly deeper. Lips are the part that most needs to be blended, and only by blending can the lip color be displayed more evenly and transparently. The black lips are made slightly darker, which can better cover the black color, and the chance of returning to black in the later stage is not high.


It's not that difficult to change the color of black lips. As long as you have a solid foundation in coloring operations, the rest is almost a problem of color matching, and the depth of control experience to judge the hue problem in the later stage.


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