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What are the points of washing your face after tattooing your eyebrows?

by:Qinmei     2022-04-28

The eyebrow tattoo can make the eyebrows clearer, and it can help people who have bad eyebrows or too thin eyebrows to rebuild their self-confidence. It is a modern eyebrow shaping technique. As more and more people accept tattoo embroidery as a beauty method, more and more people choose to tattoo their eyebrows. How long can they wash their face normally after tattooing? Generally speaking, 24 hours after eyebrow tattooing, do not soak in hot water to avoid discoloration. Afterwards, as long as you properly avoid the trauma area on the eyebrows when washing your face, you can wash your face normally. If the eyebrows are accidentally contaminated with water when washing your face , you need to wipe it off with a paper towel quickly, and after the scabs completely fall off, you can wash your face as you like without worrying about it. However, the definition of this time is not fixed, and the doctor will know that you limit the time to wash your face according to your specific situation. In addition, the scab will be removed locally within 10 days after the operation of the eyebrow, and the color needs to be replenished once about 1 month after the operation, and the second replenishment can be carried out within half a year. ARTISTRY Korean semi-permanent tattoo artist said that as long as the tattooed eyebrows do not touch the water, there is no problem in washing your face, so everyone should effectively keep the eyebrows away from water after tattooing and keep the area dry. After eyebrow tattooing, because the eyebrow area has trauma, if it touches water, it is easy to cause infection, or lead to failure of eyebrow coloring, so once the eyebrow area touches water, you should immediately use a clean tissue to absorb the water. Generally speaking, the eyebrows will scab in three to five days after tattooing, and the scab will be removed in about a week. After the eyebrows are removed, the eyebrows will be completely tattooed, so there is no need to worry about the eyebrows hit the water.

If the eyebrow tattooed friend likes to make a mask, it is best not to use the creamy mask on the eyebrows when the scab is just removed. Because the tattooed eyebrows are just formed, the creamy mask is more sticky. It can easily cause the eyebrows to fade.

Does tattooing avoid water?

For customers who have just finished tattooing, it is generally not recommended to touch water to avoid infection. If you must wash your face, after washing your face, you need to Immediately keep it dry enough. And after a period of time (usually 4-7 days), after the wound is completely scabbed off naturally, you can wash your face at will, without worrying about dizziness, discoloration and other issues.

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