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What are the reasons for the uncolored and dizzy color contact lenses

by:Qinmei     2022-11-19

Color contact liner is a cosmetic technique for modifying the eyes. Many girls' eyes look radiant after applying semi-permanent color contact liner.

Therefore, semi-permanent eyeliner is very popular among girls. Making perfect eyeliner eliminates the trouble of smudged and faded makeup, and it is very beautiful.

However, some girls will encounter the problem of lack of color and smudged color when making color contact liner. What are the reasons for these? Let me popularize it for everyone first.

The reason why the color contact liner is not colored

1. The tattoo artist wipes while operating. The color cream is wiped off before it is completely absorbed, or the needle tip is not sharp and does not penetrate into the skin. The color cream does not enter the skin and is empty Needle.

2. The technique of the tattoo artist is too shallow when operating, and does not reach the bottom layer of the epidermis. The color cream will slowly fall off with the continuous metabolism of the stratum corneum.

3. The tattoo artist's operation technique is too deep, resulting in excessive bleeding of the operated part, and the color cream is diluted without coloring.

4. The technique of the tattoo artist is too sparse, and the needle tip of the instrument is exposed too long, forming an invalid tattoo.

Reasons for halo color contact line

1. The tattoo artist uses too much force when operating, and penetrates too deep into the skin, resulting in loose subcutaneous tissue and excessive tissue fluid, which is not conducive to the absorption of color milk.

2. The blood vessels under the dermis were pierced during the operation, and the pigment continued to spread with the blood.

3. The instrument paused at a certain point, causing local diffusion.

4. Because the stability of the color material is relatively poor or the water content is too high, it is easy to turn blue.

Therefore, in the process of operating the color contact liner, we must pay attention to observe the coloring situation, and carry out color correction within a certain period of time.

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