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What are the subdivisions of tattoo items?

by:Qinmei     2022-04-16

Abstract: What are the subdivisions of tattoo projects? In this era of individuality and fashion, we all want our beauty to be unique. The appearance of tattoos can make the beauty of beauty lovers different and highlight individual designs. So what items are there in tattoo and embroidery? Let's share with you the semi-permanent makeup artist of Yazini.

Since the early 1980s, tattoo art has made an epoch-making breakthrough in tattoo and embroidery beauty. One step, tattooing technology is out of control, and tattooing has become one of the most popular beauty items nowadays. Nowadays, embroidery is more emphasized at home and abroad as a concept of 'permanent or semi-permanent makeupThe tattoo technology has undergone a complementary running-in of tradition and fashion, raising the art of tattooing to a new territory. The replacement of materials, the renovation of methods, breakthroughs in technology, and revolutions in appliances all make tattoos preparing for the 'summer'. In terms of products and raw materials, since tattooing is a minimally invasive beauty, its safety is of paramount importance. Now with the widespread use of natural pigments, the allergy rate of customers has been reduced. The development of a series of disinfection products and repair products has greatly improved the safety of tattooing. At the same time, tattooists generally use one needle per person in the operation process. , to achieve comprehensive disinfection from tools to supplies, so that safety can be guaranteed. With the efforts of many professionals, the technology of tattoo embroidery has been updated very quickly. For eyebrows, the main item, with the improvement of technology, there are endless new terms, such as flat eyebrows, feather eyebrows, three-dimensional eyebrows, etc. Sculpted eyebrows, filament inlaid eyebrows, floating eyebrows, long-lasting eyebrow modeling... The development of each technology has promoted the improvement and perfection of tattooing technology. Lucky Embroidery: Now in the tattoo market, the most popular one is Lucky Embroidery. Lucky tattoo combines the theory of the Book of Changes and tattoo theory, and improves the shape and color of the eyebrows, eyes, and lips through tattooing, thereby affecting a person's fortune and momentum. Although there are different opinions on the theory of whether the facial features can be lucky, the training of lucky tattoo and embroidery is very popular nowadays, and the cosmetic surgery hospitals and beauty salons all over the world have opened the luck card, which shows its popularity in the market. Take Kaiyun eyebrow, a popular item of Kaiyun tattoo, for example, the role of eyebrow shape is to convey personal emotions and express emotions, and a good eyebrow shape can help improve a person's temperament, image and luck. Popularity index: ★★★★★ Silk-screen eyebrow drawing: choose the eyebrow shape that customers like, and attach the 'Classic Eyebrow Line Sticker' with the side of the ginseng resin gel and the eyebrow line, and lightly apply it to the defective and unsightly parts. Just stick it lightly, it's as three-dimensional and realistic as the eyebrows just embroidered! There is no need to draw natural symmetry, just like real eyebrows are just beginning to grow, you can immediately see the three-dimensional real effect of eyebrows after the eyebrows are done. At the same time, it can be modified, decorated and modified. The lines are slender as silk, the wound surface is tiny, and the repair is quick. The plant-based silk protein floating eyebrow elastic colorant has a high color retention rate, is almost painless, red and swollen, and is not easy to discolor and decolorize. Popularity index: ★★★★★ Eyebrow lasting modeling: The eyebrow lasting modeling creates semi-permanent natural eyebrows, which are developed on the basis of eyebrow carving. The duration of eyebrows depends on personal metabolism and blood circulation, ranging from 5 to 8 years, and as few as 2 to 4 years. The thick, medium, and thin, fluff-like lines can be based on the tattoo client's own eyebrow growth direction. It can be changed at will, with the staggered matching of dark, brown and light colors to create a three-dimensional, bionic and dynamic beauty effect. Popularity index: ★★★★★ Three-dimensional simulation eyebrow embroidery: In addition to the natural and realistic eyebrows, the three-dimensional simulation eyebrow embroidery has a bigger advantage that it no longer needs anesthesia, and with the nine-ended arc needle, the brush strokes make the eyebrows lifelike , more natural, more three-dimensional, and integrated into three-dimensional, simulation, personalized fashion. In addition, it adheres to the superficial part of the skin with the vegetable oily paste colorant, which can form a prominent line and a plane with varying depths. Almost no pain, no bleeding, no redness, no crusting, no discoloration, no penetration. Popularity Index: ★★★★★

Browsing: Using a quiet color-browser, with light techniques, according to the proportion of facial features, to improve personal fortune, combined with the natural growth of eyebrows, comprehensive makeup, metaphysics, tattoos Embroidery and many other arts, to create the most beautiful and true bionic eyebrows. Popularity Index: ★★★★

Fairy Eyebrow: With a special soft needle and the latest medical color cream, using painting and whirling dyeing techniques, the eyebrows are fluffy and fluffy on the skin. A pair of beautiful eyebrows can be seen in 5~8 minutes, the lines are neat, the pain is mild, and the color should not be blurred between the threads. It will fade naturally in 3 to 5 years, and it can be renewed with the change of fashion trends and physiological age. design. Popularity Index: ★★★★ Silk Plant Charm Eyeliner: Using sleep stretching method and Jinglan 99 color caster with single or three needles, using alternating needles with dot needles and oblique short needles, outlines the depth of oriental women's eyes Soft, emphasizing the effect of eye shadow contrast, showing a more flavorful eye makeup effect. .

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