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What are the tattoo tools and their development history

by:Qinmei     2022-04-25

The tools used in tattoo embroidery generally include: eyebrow tattooing machine, eyebrow embroidery pencil, special needle for eyebrow tattooing, and special needle piece for eyebrow embroidery.

Brow trimming blades, eyebrow pencils, and eyeliners are used to shape eyebrows and eyeliner.

Paste pigments and liquid pigments.

Accessories: professional tattoo sterile bag, anesthetic, disinfectant, sterile cotton pads, cotton swabs, color cups, post-operative eyebrow and lip repairing agents, etc.

The first generation of eyebrow tattooing tools The first generation of tattooing tools are mainly used for tattooing eyebrows, mostly hand-made needles. Twist 1~6 small needles together with thread and fix it on one end of the bamboo chopsticks or pen - this is the original eyebrow tattooing tool. Although the acquisition of this tool is simple, it also has great limitations. The eyebrows tattooed with this tool are too rigid, monotonous, without a sense of hierarchy, and cannot achieve a three-dimensional effect. In addition, the first-generation eyebrow tattoo tools also have the disadvantage of time-consuming operation. The eyebrow tattoo process generally takes about 40 minutes to an hour.

The advent of eyebrow tattooing machines With the development of technology, tattoo practitioners began to hope to achieve electric eyebrow tattooing. In the early 1990s, eyebrow tattooing machines came out. Since the research and development of the electric eyebrow tattooing machine focuses on speeding up, the number of beating needles of the eyebrow tattooing machine is higher than that of manual eyebrow tattooing, and the operation time is about twice as fast as that of manual eyebrow tattooing. The electric eyebrow tattooing machine is easy to operate, has obvious lines, and is especially fast to tattoo eyeliner. Once it came out, it was welcomed by the majority of eyebrow tattooists. However, electric eyebrow tattoo machines are not perfect. First of all, the eyebrow tattoo machine with fast speed is not easy for beginners to control; secondly, the speed of the eyebrow tattoo needle is too fast, which will hurt the eyesight of the eyebrow tattoo artist, and it is easy to have overlapping color blocks after tattooing; in addition, electric eyebrow tattooing The machine is very noisy, which can easily cause the nervousness of customers. In the era of needle arrangement, in order to pursue a more realistic and natural tattooing effect, the tattooing industry began to work on the development of eyebrow tattooing needles. The tattoo industry has been constantly developing and testing. After the successful research and development of stitching, the effect of tattooing is as natural as a feather, and the speed is no less than that of electric eyebrow tattooing, so eyebrow tattooing has entered the era of stitching. Subsequent eyebrow tattooing techniques, such as embroidered eyebrows, carved eyebrows, and floating eyebrows, which have become popular in recent years, were developed on the basis of needle arrangement.

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