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What are the types of semi-permanent eyebrows? Eyebrow tattoos need to be kept in mind!

by:Qinmei     2022-12-06

What are the different types of semi-permanent eyebrows? Now there are many names of semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing projects on the market: oxygen eyebrow, pink eyebrow, water mist eyebrow, etc. Girls, don’t be confused by these names, because in fact semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing is still There are only three types of eyebrows, namely: mist eyebrow, line eyebrow, line + mist eyebrow three basic eyebrow designs. Next, let's take a look at the characteristics of different types of semi-permanent eyebrow tattoos, and learn how to correctly distinguish the types of semi-permanent eyebrows.

Semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo includes mist eyebrow (flaky eyebrow)

Foggy eyebrows are the feeling that the eyebrow powder is swept over and painted lightly, generally presenting flakes. The eyebrow design of mist eyebrow also appeared when the eyebrow tattoo technology first appeared. It was once abandoned by many Korean tattoo artists because of its poor appearance. Later, due to the use of new color materials and relatively affordable prices, it has risen again. .

Semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo includes line eyebrow

Line eyebrows are made by following the hair growth trend one by one. Line eyebrows are also called artificial eyebrows. They are popular because they can create clear and beautiful eyebrows. Most beauty lovers will choose to have line eyebrows. The evolution of line eyebrows from single-layer stiff eyebrows to today's multi-layer simulation lines has also experienced more than ten years of evolution.

Semi-permanent eyebrows include line eyebrows + mist eyebrows

The eyebrow design of line eyebrow + mist eyebrow combines the advantages of mist eyebrow and line eyebrow. After the operation is completed, it looks like lines replacing real hair, and mist replaces small fluff to increase the hazy feeling. The overall look is soft and realistic , visually closest to the natural growth of eyebrows. However, because the operation is more complicated and the postoperative effect is realistic, it is currently the most expensive in the industry.

How to choose the three types of semi-permanent eyebrows

How to choose the three kinds of semi-permanent eyebrows is actually a relatively big topic, but it can also be said briefly. Usually the Korean-style misty eyebrows are more suitable for young students and white-collar women who love makeup, while the line eyebrows are more suitable for successful women with a strong aura. No matter which type of semi-permanent eyebrows you choose, one thing is for sure. The beauty appearance needs to be designed according to the individual situation of the recipient, because only the suitable one is the best.

People who use semi-permanent eyebrows

1. Unsatisfactory eyebrow shape: such as splayed eyebrows, eyebrows that are too wide or too straight;

2. Failure of surgery, laser, etc. to shape eyebrows;

3. Eyebrow loss due to disease or other reasons;

4. Eyebrows are sparse and light in color;

5. Eyebrow defects and brow scars caused by trauma or surgery;

6. Loose upper eyelid skin, requiring improvement of eye shape, etc.;

7. Those who have no time to thrush their eyebrows due to professional needs;

8. The eyebrows on both sides are asymmetrical, unsatisfactory or dissatisfied with the original eyebrow shape.

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