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What aspects should be paid attention to when inspecting cosmetic processing manufacturers

by:Qinmei     2022-08-18
What aspects need to be paid attention to when going offline to inspect cosmetic OEM manufacturers?

I've put together a few things to look out for:

Qualifications of cosmetic processing manufacturers: All cosmetic manufacturers must have a cosmetic production license. If they have a license and a business license, they are regular manufacturers.

Cosmetics production environment: The workshop environment of most cosmetics manufacturers is not bad. It depends on the configuration and production capacity of the equipment, the packaging workshop, and the process from production to packaging; at the same time, it depends on the number of quality inspectors. Cosmetics must ensure quality clearance, otherwise it will be very troublesome to have problems later.

Look at the finished product model room: If the manufacturer has many finished product model styles, it means that the manufacturer has strong research and development capabilities, more possibilities for selection, and more mature formulas. You can choose the formula according to your needs. There is also a successful case of cooperation with manufacturers, good success cases, and a successful sample also knows what to do with their products.

To estimate the cost price of finished products, in addition to raw materials and production costs, whether the relevant packaging material manufacturers have channels and resources, and all costs have a rough estimate, you can basically know the cost of your own products, so you must choose your own relative price. Samples, strive to maximize the cost performance.

Value-added service items can also show the strength of a company:
1. Can you provide product design solutions?

2. Can you help with filing

3. Can the relevant copy be reviewed?

4. Are there any existing trademarks that can be borrowed or assisted in trademark registration?

That is to say, after the packaging material design of the product, as well as the composition of the product, the brand planning scheme, and the above services are determined, it is necessary to determine the relevant service implementation capabilities. How can these services be implemented? Look at the strength of the service team, see whether the manufacturer is equipped with relevant designers, brand planners, and the professionalism of the docking personnel, and examine the relevant execution capabilities, such as making a packaging material sample, whether it can be achieved in the time promised, and do it. How is the effect of the product, the professionalism of the docking staff in the knowledge of related products, at least this can know whether the factory has a good understanding of the cosmetics industry. This reflects the professionalism of this cosmetics manufacturer.

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