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What Embroiderers Need to Know About Lucky Embroidery

by:Qinmei     2022-04-20

Abstract: Kaoyun embroidery needs to know 'the physiognomy of eyebrows, eyes and lips'. Kaoyun embroidery combines facial features and Zhouyi theory, and uses tattoo technology to carry out the shape of eyebrows, eyes and lips. Adjustment, so as to achieve the purpose of improving the appearance and promoting the fortune. In metaphysics, what character traits do different eyebrows, eyes and lips correspond to? Let us briefly understand

Kaiyun tattoo combines facial features and Zhouyi theory, and adjusts the shape of eyebrows, eyes and lips through tattoo technology, so as to achieve the purpose of improving facial appearance and promoting fortune. In metaphysics, what character traits do different eyebrows, eyes and lips correspond to? Let's take a brief look below. It should be noted that the theory of physiognomy must be analyzed in combination with the overall facial features and appearance. The following description is only used as primary physiognomy knowledge. The eyebrows are based on the fate between parents and brothers and are called 'Brother PalaceThe eyebrows can also tell a person's character and emotional trends.

Short eyebrows lack of help from siblings. Lack of coordination in doing things, dependent and stubborn, passionate, easy to fall in love with others, and become the beloved object of others, but peach blossoms are not a good thing, you should choose carefully. Long eyebrows have a brotherhood, get along well with their families, have a happy love, and have good luck from time to time. Coordination in doing things, able to communicate and cooperate with people in the organization, easy to succeed. Bazi eyebrows are not easy to approach on the surface, but they are amiable and virtuous. People with eight-character eyebrows are broad-minded and heroic, and they are good people to talk to. One-word eyebrows are straightforward and rational, and they are not smooth enough to handle things, and they are easy to offend others. Strong willpower, strength, and successful career. Respect for relationships, think marriage is more important, and tend to marry early. Eyebrows tucked under eyebrows People who have obvious tick marks at the corners of the brows are very enthusiastic, vigorous and energetic, and they will definitely implement what they do. Good fortune, good fortune in career, very positive in love. Crescent eyebrow (Liu Mei) This kind of eyebrow is ideal among women: rational, rich in emotion, easy to get love, and good fortune. After getting married, you will be able to get rich with your husband and be happy all your life. The eyes, known as the 'windows of the soulWe can see the fate of a person's character from the shape of the eyes and the thickness of the skin.

Round eyes are aggressive and understanding, but the disadvantage is that they will do anything to get what they want. Drooping eyes are very sensual, easy to admire others, and likewise, it is easy to become the object of others' admiration. Slim eyes are very strong in endurance. Although they are very laborious in their youth, they will be very happy in old age, and they will have a happy marriage. Lower three white eyes These people are more self-centered, but also very materialistic, easy to be isolated by others. The character of the marriage partner must be gentle. He has big eyes and a strong personality. No matter how difficult it is, he will try his best to solve it. Such people have a little fortune, and if they marry someone they like, they will have good results. Eyes up, self-esteem is strong, but it is not easy to compromise with others, so it is easy to have friction with others at work. Eyeballs are mother-in-law women, very attentive and fanciful, but introverted, so they don't have a big social circle. Shang San Baiyan is not very good with his partner, but he is quite successful in his career and has good fortune, and he is very willing to keep secrets for others. The lips not only express the vitality and ability, but also show the personality. The sexual connotation implied by the contact between the lips can be seen. The upper lip represents the positivity and fatherhood of a person; the lower lip represents the negativity and motherhood. People with big mouths are bold and energetic, people with slightly big and closed mouths have bold and bold characters, and often become opinion leaders among the masses; big mouths and thick lips, most of them have strong sexual desire... Small mouths are cautious and lack competition, small mouths People who are too cautious, lack self-confidence, are often hesitant to do things, and have withdrawn personality. People with such a face should never be too high... People who keep their mouths closed and focus on their careers and keep their mouths in a straight line can do anything. Single-minded and very focused, but because he is too devoted to his career, sometimes he can't help but neglect the feelings of the other half. It is hard to resist the temptation to show upper gums when laughing. Women who show upper gums when laughing cannot refuse the pursuit of men, so they are easy to promise each other. Even people with simple personalities are easily confused by men. People who show their gums when laughing are ruthless and ruthless. People who show their lower gums when they laugh are cold-eyed bystanders. Ruthless people usually have this kind of face.

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