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What is a semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo?

by:Qinmei     2022-05-10

Semi-permanent makeup is a brand-new tattoo technology, because semi-permanent makeup is only for eyebrows, eyeliner and lips, but the advantages are also greatly overshadowed by the tattoo industry.

Nowadays, semi-permanent makeup is very popular in Korea. In China, in addition to tattoos, Korean makeup is also very popular. Korean-style makeup and semi-permanent makeup have the best requirements for eyebrows, eyeliner and lips. Congenital eyebrows are beautiful and unbeautiful. There are also congenital good-looking, but due to various reasons, the eyebrows have become bad and so beautiful. For example, sparse, scattered, shortened, sagging, damaged, broken, deformed, etc. Let's help you bring out the brilliance and glamour these less-than-ideal brows deserve.

Semi-persistent make-up makes your life more calm, and you don't have to rush to paint your eyebrows and lips when you are in a hurry to go out.

The purpose of thrush is to make your eyebrows more beautiful. If you paint your brows for half an hour a day and paint for 30 years, you will waste more than a year of your life on this, and the price is too high!

Semi-persistent makeup tattoos not only save you a lot of precious time, but also the silky eyebrows produced by high-level tattoos are three-dimensional and vivid, which are not at all the lifelike eyebrows that can be achieved by drawing eyebrows. Moreover, good eyebrows designed by a good tattoo teacher will also make you have a good change in your life from now on. Laymen who don't know it will definitely think that Korean dressing has nothing to do with semi-permanent makeup. In fact, Korean makeup is semi-permanent makeup in China. Just the name is different.

Korean style makeup (semi-permanent makeup) is very suitable for women who don't know how to make up or don't have time to make up, and it can be changed at any time according to the trend, which is welcomed by many people. There are three main items of semi-permanent makeup: eyebrows, eyeliner and lips. In China, we refer to semi-permanent makeup eyebrows, semi-permanent makeup eyeliners and semi-permanent makeup lips as Korean-style eyebrows, Korean-style eyeliners and Korean-style lips. Compared with traditional tattoos, semi-permanent makeup and Korean-style makeup avoid the permanence of eyebrow tattoos, which is exactly what it has. There is no artificial trace of embroidery. Because Korean-style makeup and semi-permanent makeup are completely natural effects of painted light makeup. Korean makeup eyebrows

After domestic Korean makeup or Korean semi-permanent makeup beauty, you can make makeup easier and even look beautiful without makeup. Suitable for: light, messy, trivial eyebrows, different eyebrows, overly protruding eyebrows, no makeup

Technical advantages 1. After the Korean-style eyebrow makeup is done, the effect is like the feeling of brow powder swept over the light, which is more fresh and natural than tattooing, embroidering and floating eyebrows. 2. The effect of fixing makeup once will last for 1-2 years, and then it will gradually disappear with the new layer of metabolism of the human body. After metabolism, you can fix the eyebrows again, avoiding the pain of washing the eyebrows. 3. After the Korean makeup eyebrow is done, it will not turn red, blue, fade or discolor. 4. The whole process is comfortable and comfortable, and the operation on the epidermis minimizes the pain.

Artzini brings together a team of tattoo teachers with high level of artistic literacy and superb skills. They are not only skilled in tattooing, but also With high comprehensive quality in medicine, aesthetics, color science, psychology, physiognomy, image counseling, etc. We view every pair of beautiful eyebrows, alluring lips, the growth of customer happiness and joy as an achievement in our life.

Brow shape design:

One-line eyebrows, curved eyebrows, and willow-leaf eyebrows look good, but they don't look good on anyone's face. For example, maybe 'one-line eyebrows' are in some A person's face looks 'beautiful and youthfulThe basic principle of what eyebrow shape to match a face is: to enhance the overall beauty.

Artzini's tattoo teacher designs and embroiders high-fidelity eyebrow styles for you. Our tattoo teacher will use ARTISTRY's 'Eyes, Eyes and Lips Tattoo Evaluation System, occupation and other conditions, as well as image aspirations and future life expectations, comprehensively consider various factors to carry out personalized design for your overall training, which is more in line with your eyebrows. Korean-style eyebrow makeup precautions: 1. There is a 5-7 day scab period for makeup eyebrows, so let them fall off naturally, so as not to affect the coloring. 2. After setting the eyebrows, you can wash your face normally, but you can't soak it in water for a long time, because it is easy to fall off the scab and not easy to fix the color. 3. Wipe the formulated professional repairing agent every day after setting the eyebrows. 4. Due to individual skin differences, when the scab falls off, the color may be uneven or the color is too light, which is a normal phenomenon and can be repaired once within 3 months. 5. The professional consumables used in this shop are sterilized after one-time opening. The auxiliary consumables are disinfected and sterilized by the medical disinfection process to ensure the hygiene and safety of customers. Similar situations are normal.

Precautions for post-repair 1. There will be tissue fluid oozing out of the area just after the operation. At this time, the customer needs to sit for 20 minutes, and then the tattoo artist will help her apply the repair essence for one minute and then wipe it off. Customers should keep wet cotton pads in hand before going out, in case there will be tissue fluid flowing out.

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