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What is Kai Luck Eyebrow?

by:Qinmei     2022-05-10

In the traditional Chinese physiognomy, the thickness and shape of the eyebrows can not only show a person's personality, but also affect a person's fortune and momentum. Different eyebrow shapes can bring you different fortunes! The master of metaphysics pointed out that the influence of eyebrows on women is even more obvious than that of men, because among the facial features, the eyebrows have a decisive key. The shape, color, shade, thickness, etc. of the eyebrows will give people different feelings and impressions. For example, eyebrows that are too deep or too thick will make people feel fierce; eyebrows that are too light or too sparse may make people feel uninspired; at this time, you must adjust the eyebrow shape moderately to help yourself create a different impression with momentum. The 'Yintang' between the eyebrows is the most important part of the face and has a greater impact on the fortune. The Yintang should be clean, open and moist. Therefore, it is best to remove the stray hairs on the Yintang. Usually, massage or hot compresses with a towel can be used to promote blood circulation in the Yintang, so that the Yintang can be rosy and good luck. If the eyebrows are too close together, it will affect a person's fortune. The ideal distance is about one and a half to two fingers. Too narrow will affect good luck, and too wide will cause wealth to be scattered. The eyebrows should be gathered together at the head and tail, so the miscellaneous hairs on the eyebrows and eyebrows should be trimmed to make the eyebrows complete, which can help to keep things organized and have a beginning and an end. The hair of the eyebrows should be smooth, irreversible, vertical, swirling, and chaotic. Therefore, when doing eyebrows, draw along the direction of the eyebrows to the end of the eyebrows, which can make the personality more gentle and supple, reduce disputes and frictions, and strengthen interpersonal relationships. Eyebrows should be long (longer than the end of the eyes), which means that they are deeply human, thoughtful, and emotionally balanced. If there is a break or bruise in the middle of the eyebrow, it should be repaired with eyebrow powder or eyebrow pencil, so as not to affect your fortune.

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