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What is scar constitution, what tattoo artists need to know about scar constitution

by:Qinmei     2022-05-09

What is scar constitution, what tattooists need to know about scar constitution, tattooists know that people with scar constitution are prone to scars on the skin, and even small scratches will cause scars, not to mention eyebrows, eyes and lips , especially the lip surface, which is far less immune and repairing than the skin. This type of customer is permanently unable to do tattoo and embroidery. What is a scar constitution? The proportion of people with scarring constitution is very small in the population, which is manifested after the wound has healed. The surface scar is continuously enlarged, which not only affects the appearance, but also affects the functional movement of local pain, red itching scar contraction. Because the proportion of people with scar constitution is very small in the population, it is manifested that after the wound heals, the surface scar is continuously enlarged, which not only affects the appearance, but also local pain and redness. However, because there are not many people with scar constitution, many people mistake people with keloids for scar constitution!

Scar classification Different shapes and classifications of scars, clinically idiopathic keloids, true keloids, false keloids, keloids, hypertrophic keloids and keloids are used in clinical practice. use, so far there is no clear classification. People with acne-prone skin on the face and body, dull dry skin, oily skin, and sweaty skin are prone to scarring. The difference between scar constitution and keloids Sometimes keloids are closely related to genetics, and people with obvious scars are sometimes related to allergic constitutions. It is more common in people with pigmented skin. People with acne-prone skin, dull, dry skin, oily skin, and sweaty skin are prone to it. Poor venous lymphatic drainage is prone to occur. Breast keloids are more common in people with well-developed breasts.

Hypertrophic scars are closely related to the degree of injury, but are also related to factors such as constitution, age, and location. Weight loss, obesity, especially in women in the developmental period are more common. This is due to the excessive proliferation of fibroblasts in these individuals during wound healing. Hypertrophic scars do not have a specific predilection site. It is not because of the scar constitution that no surgery can be performed, but it is generally not suitable for cosmetic surgery and delicate surgery but the location is quite critical, such as excimer laser surgery. The control is consistent. For example, even a little extra tissue grows after laser surgery, which will have a serious impact on vision, so it is still listed as a contraindication to surgery.

Scar constitution is easy to be confused with which symptoms because there are very few people with scar constitution. In some books, people with keloids are also called scar constitution, and keloids appear as scars growing outward after the wound has healed. , The protruding skin surface is hard, and it may also feel red and painful, but after it grows to a certain extent, it will not continue to expand. People with scar constitution can appear infinite proliferation of keloid-like scars after injury to any part of their body, while keloids can appear in some parts of the normal population, or the scars heal due to some reasons. In other words, keloids are an inevitable manifestation of scar constitution, and those with keloids do not necessarily belong to people with scar constitution. Such people after the wound has healed. The surface scar is continuously enlarged, which not only affects the appearance, but also local pain, redness and itching, and scar contraction also affects functional movement.

Generally, patients with hypertrophic scars and keloids can be judged as scar constitution; Self-care In daily life, if you are accidentally scalded or burned by water, fire, oil, etc., if the area is not large, you can immediately take 1 part of white sugar and 3 parts of cold boiled water to make concentrated sugar water, and use cotton wool or a clean small towel to dip the sugar water Gently apply and press on the wound. If it is a finger or toe injury, it should be immediately soaked in sugar water for 20 minutes. If it is too late to make sugar water, you can also grab some sugar and apply it to the wound, and then drip cold water on the sugar to moisten the wound, and then wash it off after 2 hours. If it is still not healed, you can apply concentrated sugar water again. Treating scald with sugar water, no foaming, no scarring, good effect. First remove the heat source and soak the limb in cold water until the pain goes away. You can also cover the wound with a damp towel or sheet and spray cold water on it. Don't pop the blisters.

How not to leave scars Skin damage will inevitably occur in daily life. At this time, people, especially women who love beauty, will always take care of the wounds carefully, for fear of leaving scars and pigmentation. So how do you protect your wounds? First of all, it is necessary to go to the hospital in time to have the wound cleaned, disinfected, sutured or bandaged by a doctor. Often people worry that cleaning the wound will take time, bleed more or make the wound bigger, or even refuse to clean simply because of fear of pain. In fact, careful cleaning of the wound is the most basic step to avoid scarring and promote wound healing. For example, if the skin is embedded with dust, coal ash and other debris after trauma, if it is not cleaned properly, the colored particles will remain in the skin to form unsightly dust staining. Disinfection is to prevent infection, which is also the key to avoiding local scarring, because infection will cause the destruction of the subdermal layer and the epidermis cannot be regenerated, so the defect must be filled by the proliferation of granulation tissue, which will inevitably leave scars. Similarly, boils, pustules, etc. should be treated scientifically by a doctor as soon as possible, and should not be squeezed with hands to prevent the inflammation from spreading to the deep.

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