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What is semi-permanent tattoo pigment, the history of tattoo pigment

by:Qinmei     2022-10-25
style='padding: 0 0 30px;'> When you start thinking about doing semi-permanent tattoos, the most worrying thing is whether the quality of the final tattoo is good. One of the biggest factors affecting longevity, color and final appeal is the tattoo pigment used. This is why it is extremely important for all those considering semi-permanent tattooing, as well as tattooists or beginners, to have as complete an understanding as possible of the different types of tattoo pigments, their components, and to choose the correct pigment color for different skin types .

We provide you with a detailed guide to pigments used in various semi-permanent tattoos, reflecting the differences between tattoo pigments and tattoo pigments, their development and refinement over the years and the different types based on their origin and composition .

What is embroidery pigment?
Semi-permanent tattoos are carried out by injecting tattoo pigments into the skin to achieve various visual effects: repair and modification of eyebrows, lips and eyeliner, micro-pigmentation and discoloration masking of scarring, etc. the term“pigment”Very broad, it refers to both fine and skin. Powders that can add color to cosmetics, such as conventional cosmetics, and solutions made by adding these powders to binders for semi-permanent makeup.

Tattoo pigments are colored liquid mixtures that can remain on the skin for a period of time, and are eventually broken down and absorbed by the body. This is the main difference between semi-permanent tattoo pigments and tattoo pigments. Tattoo pigment cannot be broken down, so although the color may change, it remains permanently in the skin.

The history of semi-permanent tattoo pigments
We all remember the contrasting eyebrows and cartoonish lip liner tattoos of the 90s. These are the beginnings of today's modern semi-permanent tattoos, although tattoos for cosmetic purposes can be traced back to ancient Egypt. And, don’t forget the long history of mehndi, an ancient Indian form of body art using henna nail polish. In fact, there is also a popular method of permanent makeup in modern times, using henna brows.

However, modern pigments can be considered derivatives of tattoo pigments. Therefore, they are also sometimes called permanent makeup inks. They were developed by pioneering tattoo artists who had the opportunity to test these formulas over and over again, perfecting them along the way. The result is a wide range of hypoallergenic, safe pigments available in a variety of colors and shades that can be further mixed and modified to meet customer needs.
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