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What is the color recovery period for half tattooed eyebrows?

by:Qinmei     2022-07-27

During the process of half-brow, the half-apparatus will put the pigment into the epidermis of the eyebrow, which will form a micro wound, so a scab will be formed. Individual scabs fall off slowly, which is related to the healing ability of their own skin, especially the thicker the repair agent is, the slower the scabs will fall off!

This is what happens when the scab falls off:

*Note: When the scab falls off, don't pick it with your hands, just let it fall off naturally, otherwise it will be picked off with the color, resulting in no color.

After the wound has healed, the skin at the scab area will be very white, tender and clean. The same is true for the half eyebrows. The eyebrows that have just fallen off the scab also look very 'new'. I feel that I can't see the color, and it is even lighter than before. So don't worry, this is normal. Because half eyebrows will have a color reversion period after normal scabbing.

Why do eyebrows turn back color?

The skin under the eyebrows is undergoing metabolism. After the metabolism is completed, the operation part will gradually show a normal color, so as to achieve the effect of mist brushing eyebrows.

The normal period of the three stages from the coloring to the color restoration is about 28 days. At that time, the deep color of the skin will gradually appear.

What should I do if my eyebrows are still very pale after the rejuvenation period?

During the color return period, the color of the eyebrows will gradually appear, but some people have a darker color, and some people have a lighter color. This is related to the half color retention rate, and the color retention rate is also related to the customer's personal skin and post-repair, tattoos. It is related to the way the embroiderer operates. If the color retention rate is too low, the color of the eyebrows will be lighter, but don't worry too much, just through the second color complement, the eyebrows will show a perfect effect.

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