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What is the difference between cosmetic OEM and DOM?

by:Qinmei     2022-08-25
With the development of the national economy, in recent years, China's cosmetics processing industry has developed rapidly, both professionally and equipment, so more and more brands choose to cooperate with cosmetics OEMs. Cosmetics industry, namely cosmetic OEM, cosmetic ODM, incoming and customized, the most common is cosmetic OEM and cosmetic ODM, what is the difference between OEM model and ODM model?

Unlike OEM, ODM is a new type of label that has its own technology at some stage of the production process. The technologies used by the company in the production process are partially or partially owned technologies and all belong to intellectual property rights.

As long as the performance of the company meets the criteria set by the foreign investor, it can be carried out“labelling”. We call this label production method“new tab”. Although this new label is also a form of contract for production or sale. In terms of processing, compared with OEM, there are essential differences between the two, which are mainly reflected in three aspects:

1. Different technical content: Traditional label production is mostly foreign technology with almost no own technology, while new label production has at least some of its own technology.

2. The development prospects are different. Traditional label production is just a learning process, and its development prospects largely depend on the company's ability to acquire effective technology accumulation through the learning process and change production methods and capabilities in a timely manner. timely“promote”technical level; and“new tab”Having entered the stage of technological innovation, the next stage of its development will be to create its own brand.

3. The way of distribution of benefits is different: traditional label production only relies on cheap labor to obtain cheap processing costs, while“new tab”The fashion has changed and the proportion of profit sharing due to investment in own technology, realized profit includes the added value of science and technology.

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