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What is the difference between powder eyebrows and fog eyebrows? How to choose powder Dai eyebrow and mist eyebrow?

by:Qinmei     2022-11-26

The most popular ones at the moment are foggy eyebrows and pink eyebrows, but many girls feel troubled because they don't know enough about them. What is the difference between powder eyebrows and fog eyebrows? So how should you choose when choosing to do eyebrows?

So, should I choose to have misty eyebrows or powdered eyebrows? Is there any difference between them before? I believe many friends will have such doubts. To know the difference between them, we must first understand what is fog eyebrows. What is powder eyebrow?

The difference between powder eyebrow and mist eyebrow

Mist eyebrows use advanced makeup setting equipment to implant pure natural plant pigments into the surface of the skin. The effect is misty, just like eyebrow powder sweeping, light feeling, very natural, no discoloration and halo, and its effect can be maintained for 2 -After 3 years, it will gradually fade with the metabolism of the human body, and then you can also make eyebrows according to the current popular eyebrow shape.

Fendai eyebrow is also a kind of misty eyebrow. It adopts circular needle point dot matrix operation to form the effect of misty eyebrow. It does not form thick scab, and you can see the post-effect after piercing it. Because it is relatively shallow, it lasts for a relatively long time. Short, generally speaking, it is 6 to 12 months, and it will gradually fade with the body's metabolism.

Therefore, if we strictly talk about the difference between foggy eyebrows and powdery eyebrows, in fact, powdery eyebrows are foggy eyebrows, but the names are different, and the pigments are the same. The former will have a scabbing period and keep for a longer time, while the latter has a thinner scab, but the keeping time is also very short. Both have their own characteristics and advantages.

How to choose between Fendai eyebrow and misty eyebrow

This depends on our own needs. Everyone's needs are different. Some people do eyebrows to perfect the shape of their eyebrows, and some people have good-looking eyebrows, and they do it to make the eyebrows even better.

There will be a period of 5-7 days for foggy eyebrows to shed the scabs. During the period of scabs, the eyebrows may appear darker. After the scabs are shed, they will become more and more natural. It is as light and natural as eyebrow powder, and it can Keep it for 1-2 years. So many friends who love beauty will choose fog eyebrows!

There are also some friends who choose to have powdered eyebrows. Their own eyebrows are not bad, and they will look even better if they do it again. Therefore, they choose this kind of powdered eyebrows with thin scabs. There is no embarrassment of the scab period, but it looks more perfect than before. , but the maintenance time is relatively short, generally only 3-6 months.

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