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What kind of embroidery color is better? Which colorant is good

by:Qinmei     2022-11-07
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Good quality is the soul of a product. Today's society is changing rapidly, the pursuit of“short, flat, fast”the immediate effect. So few people can stick to their original intention to make quality products.
The choice of raw material type and quality is an important link that affects the safety, efficacy and quality of tattoo pigments, and it is also the key to determining the cost.

It has long-term and stable raw material suppliers, and has conducted long-term direct face-to-face cooperation with well-known German raw material suppliers, direct purchase, eliminating the opportunity for middlemen to earn price differences, thus ensuring the lowest price. Product raw material cost.

German Industrial Pigments
From leaves to bottles, every drop of color is carefully extracted from more than 100 natural plants. After dozens of medical-grade processing techniques, it is finely ground and repeatedly mixed to finally obtain nano-scale small molecule toner, which is always vacuum and sterile. The packaging does not contain any heavy metals, amines and other harmful substances, just worth every drop“conscience”word.

The products have passed a series of strict CE, SGS, German dermatest and FDA certification, and sell well all over the world. The main difference between ordinary tattoo pigments and pigments lies in the fineness of the pigments and the later metabolism. The raw materials are imported from Germany and refined using Munich European standard medical-grade processing technology. The reason why some tattoo pigments on the market leave a red mark is that the pigment particles and purity do not meet international standards.

Generally speaking, pigments made from pure natural plant extracts will color faster and have a more natural effect. The best quality pigments are premium concentrate pigments. It has superb craftsmanship and modest molecular particles. It relies on the body's own metabolism to play a better coloring effect.
Plant pigments not only have product characteristics such as safety, environmental protection, and non-toxicity, but also have higher molecular quality, delicate color, high color accuracy and good coloring effect. Moreover, there will be no redness and blueness in the later stage, and there are no irritating substances to human skin, so there are no side effects during use.

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