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What's the matter with no color after the eyebrow tattoo falls off?

by:Qinmei     2022-11-24

What's the matter with the eyebrow tattoo without any color after scabbing off?

In daily life, eyebrow tattooing is a very common cosmetic method. It can change the shape and color of the eyebrows and make the face more beautiful. So what's the matter if the eyebrows have no color after the scabs fall off?

What's the matter if there is no color after the eyebrow tattoo falls off? Under normal circumstances, it is a very common phenomenon that there is no color after the eyebrow tattoo falls off. So what should I do if there is no color after the eyebrow tattoo falls off?

The reason why the eyebrows have no color after the scabs fall off

1. Oily skin

Girls with oily skin are most likely to have their eyebrows not colored when they get their eyebrows tattooed. This is mainly due to the excessive secretion of skin oil, which easily leads to uneven distribution of pigments. In this case, you can increase the density of eyebrow tattooing needles during the eyebrow tattooing process, and the needles are slightly deeper than ordinary skin.

2. The tattoo artist is not skilled enough

The tattoo artist has a poor foundation, and the strength is uneven, which can easily cause the eyebrow tattoo to not be colored. This is because some embroiderers do not know how to adjust the length of the needle tip, and it is easy to cause no coloring.

3. The eyebrow tattoo tool is not sharp

In order to save time, some tattoo artists did not check the sharpness of the needle tip before operation, and did not follow the principle of one needle per person, which caused the needle tip of the eyebrow tattoo needle to be dull, which resulted in the uncolored eyebrow tattoo.

4. Insufficient mastery of colorant concentration

Insufficient control of the color concentration of the eyebrow tattoo, too thick or thin color will cause the eyebrow tattoo to not be colored. Tattoo artists need to master the matching method of color materials.

5. Different depths of tattoos

If the tattoo artist's tattoo is too deep or too shallow, the eyebrow tattoo will not be colored.

6. Fringe while rubbing

Some new embroiderers like to rub while they tattoo their eyebrows. This will cause the skin to be wiped clean before absorbing the coloring material. This is one of the reasons why embroiderers don't color their eyebrows.

7. The application of anesthetic is too long or too short

Applying the anesthetic for too long or too short will result in uncolored eyebrow tattoos, because when the skin senses pain, the capillaries will shrink, resulting in uncolored eyebrow tattoos.

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